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11876Voice acting for the hearing impaired.

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  • tean_kun
    Jul 15, 2012
      I recalled an earlier discussion regarding audio descriptions of TV and movies for the visually impaired as a form of work for voice actors. At the time the only example I knew of is "How to Train Your Dragon," but recently another has come up.

      For some reason, whenever I record Fox's "Hell's Kitchen" and "Master Chef" off of the digital airwaves (neither cable nor satellite) onto my computer then play it on Real Player, I get extra audio describing what is on screen, obviously for the hearing impaired. This is ironically appropriate since during this season of "Master Chef" one of the contestants actually is blind.

      I am unsure what other shows have audio for the visually impaired (I'll try other shows to see what happens) but there seems to me a growing need for it just like the rise of close captioning about three decades ago.

      So Crispin, maybe you could ask your agent what is out there. As for those who want to get into the voice acting industry, maybe you could ask your local TV stations what they have to offer. It is possible that this service ranks in the same area as reading for the blind which is often unpaid volunteer work but is strongly advised for anyone who wants to get into voice acting. Remember, even unpaid or low pay experience is still experience.