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11872A quirky question about voice acting

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  • Michael
    May 28, 2012
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      Greetings! I'm new to this forum, but I have a small question I was hoping you might be able to answer.

      Before I go any further, I just want to make it clear that I haven't had any training in terms of voice acting. However, I do enjoy both giving characters in stories voices and imitating voices I hear in movies and games.

      Despite the amount of time I spend speaking (in general), I don't often hear my own voice played back to me. The few times I have, I've noticed I sound noticeably different than what it sounds like to me when I am hearing the reverberations of my voice through my body as I speak. As someone considering pursuing a career in voice acting I just wanted to ask - does this happen to you, and if so, has it ever presented an issue? How have you dealt with it?

      Thanks in advance!