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11871Re: Itachi's..."Happy" Moment

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  • MichaelJ
    May 13, 2012
      While the character Itachi himself I hate, I enjoy Crispin's portrayal. Actually, I think hearing Crispin as Itachi is the only time I actually like Itachi.

      --- In crispin_freeman_fansite@yahoogroups.com, "MrSticky005" <mrsticky005@...> wrote:
      > I just wanted to say that I think Mr. Crispin Freeman
      > NAILED Itachi's "Happy" Moment about halfway in Episode 136 of Shippuden. I had been waiting since that part came out in the manga
      > for it to be dubbed and I was wondering "Will Mr. Freeman go all out?
      > Or will he hold back?" Well, no punches were pulled. It was BRILLIANT!
      > It's only too bad that it was probably a once in a life time
      > moment for Itachi. He doesn't get too many "Happy" moments
      > if you know what I mean. But thankfully Mr. Crispin Freeman
      > DID
      > IT
      > JUSTICE!
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