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11866Re: [crispin_freeman_fansite] plz read :)

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  • scytale
    May 3, 2012
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      > And I was wondering if you could maybe read one of my story's and
      > tell me what you think of it, it's not a long story but only If you are willing.    

      Hi Jess and welcome to the fansite!

      Unfortunately Crispin is unable to do individual favors for fans, even simple requests like yours. The problem is that if he did a favor for one fan, to be fair he'd have to do favors for the other fans that request something from him. With as many fans as he has, that would end up taking up all his time and he wouldn't have time to work on our favorite series or see us at conventions.

      There are numerous sites on the web where you can post your story and receive constructive feedback. I'm afraid I don't know any offhand, but perhaps some of our other members can assist you.

      Don (Scytale) Zimmerman
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