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11865plz read :)

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  • sushikittenx3
    May 2, 2012
      Hi Crispin my name is Jess
      And I was wondering if you could maybe read one of my story's and tell me what you think of it, it's not a long story
      but only If you are willing.

      and don't worry I don't write hentai or lots of blood and swearing there will maybe be one or two dead body's but not much.
      it's called "Spooky"
      it's a anime style or manga and the main character is a cat trust me it gets better it's not just about a normal cat( but the story isn't done just yet)

      I will understand If you don't want to or not if your not interested
      I just want your advise and what you think of it is all

      thank you

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