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684Back from Rochester

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  • bosse1998
    May 31, 2008
      I have literally speaking just got back from a lovely day at
      Rochester. I have both photos and some videoclips. I will post a link
      later to YouTube so you can watch. I guess most people would say the
      the costumed visitors were great. I do admire them but when you are
      going to such a length to create your costume why not do it correct?
      Too few petticoats made the hoops shine through. Too flexible hoops
      made the skirt collapse. No corsets. The bodice in most cases were
      loose fitting. It was competition about the day-dress today. Tomorrow
      14.45 is it evening-wear. I am very tempted to go but it takes me 2
      hours in each direction.

      During my journey home I was thinking about travelling in a huge
      skirt. People today claims our society is not designed for hoopskirts
      and 'huge skirts'. To be honest. Was that the case by the end of the
      1850s? The trains were not larger and followed the fashion. Most
      Victorian houses are not very large. I believe anything goes if you
      really want? Is it high fashion it will work!

      Here is a link for Rochester Dickens Festival