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3933Return of the Native

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  • Bekah
    Nov 23, 2013
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      Due to having Mom-duty (we don't live together but she's 89 and I look after her in many ways) I didn't finish until this afternoon.

      GOOD BOOK! Thanks to whomever nominated it.

      I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of Hardy with all his sorrowful characters living in such bounteous nature of the southwest English countryside - Wessex. The good/evil naturalness of it all.

      This is my favorite Hardy to date - I really want to read Far From the Maddening Crowd now - and other novels which take place in that area. That Egdon Heath area is almost like a character in the way it affects all the human characters and their actions - like an uber-character/over-character (?).

      I especially liked the historical parts - those couple of places which mentioned the celts and the very early times on the heath.

      I wasn't fond of the ending but I made my choice - tough.

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