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Feb 9

Re: Rim Chuck

... Doug Another option is to mount the rear disk to a faceplate and put a bolt in the center to hold the plates together and act as a pivot. Use the lathe's
Feb 3, 2013

Re: Rim Chuck

Ron, thanks for posting this. I have often thought of making one and have found a few sets of plans on the internet. However, yours is the best I've come
Feb 3, 2013

Rim Chuck

My first rim chuck was made because the cole jaws that came with my Barracuda are too small and take quite a while to set up. While not a big deal, there were
Feb 2, 2013

Re: Plywood

Dave, That is very nice work. it reminds me of why I only have two rules for turning: Be safe, and have fun. All of the rest (don't turn plywood, only certain
Oct 2, 2012

Re: Plywood

Remember when gluing up to alternate the grains of the plywood. You would be better off to get a higher priced birch or oak plywood than the Chinese stuff.
Marcus Cavanaugh
Oct 1, 2012

Re: Plywood

I'll jump in here again, a couple things I forgot to include in my earlier post. On the lamp I referred to earlier, may have started with a 1" square piece of
Oct 1, 2012

Re: Plywood

I could not find any. So as Ron suggested, laminate your own for turning. Be aware that your standard local "orange borg" hardware store at best has
Oct 1, 2012

Re: [Creative Woodturners] PlywoodÉ

Papasan, I have personally never seen any plywood, thicker than 3/4 thick, that I can remember of. Your question though reminds me of a lamp I made in my
Oct 1, 2012


Where does one find a place that sells the thick pieces of Plywood for wood turning? Papasan
Oct 1, 2012

Σχετ: [Creative Woodturners] Clear finish. Epoxy resins over ti

Thank you for your answers. I will try to find UV resistant epoxy. I will also check urethane resins. I have used urethane paints but never the resins.
Antonis Asprakis
Apr 19, 2012

Re: Clear finish. Epoxy resins over time.

Antonis: I use urethanes. I have never had a problem. Things I did years ago are still like new. Recently I started using a marine urethane from Sherman
james mizrahi
Apr 18, 2012

Re: Clear finish. Epoxy resins over time.

I've used 2 part epoxy for years and years with no problems. I buy the epoxy with UV inhibitors built in so yellowing has never been a problem. I believe the
Apr 18, 2012

Clear finish. Epoxy resins over time.

Hi all. I see there are a lot of people that use epoxy resins as a clear coat finish on cups, bowls, dishes, etc. I work on boats and I know epoxy resins
Apr 18, 2012

Re: the Turning and Talking group is missing!

Hello, I have just joined the group, from emails I have received the Turning and Talking group is still in existance,and for the forseeable future both the
Feb 1, 2012
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