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[Creativegarh Writer's Block] Create internet history with Tara Deshpande

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  • Arun
    Sourced for Creativegarh citizens from www.themotive.net and www.firstandsecond.com ______________________________________________________________________ Hi
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2001
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      Sourced for Creativegarh citizens from www.themotive.net and


      Are you imaginative? Do you have what it takes to write a book? Do
      you want to be famous? Then join me in a unique adventure.

      I am writing India's first collaborative book. It's called The
      Motive. It is brought to you in association with Firstandsecond.com -
      India's biggest book stop and Adobe - world leaders in electronic

      I have written the first chapter. You can read the first chapter at
      www.themotive.net You will discover it is a murder mystery. Then
      starts the exciting part.

      Write for fame
      I invite you to use your imagination and writing skills to write the
      second chapter. If your entry is selected, you will have the unique
      distinction of co-authoring India's first collaborative novel, which
      when completed will be published in paper as well as e-book format.
      You will agree that this is definitely your once-in-a-life chance to
      create literary as well as internet history.

      Write for sea, sand and sun.
      If fame alone doesn't satisfy you, there's also lots of fun. The
      winning co-author of the first chapter will win a Free trip for two
      to Goa – the perfect place to celebrate one of the most glorious
      moments of your life.

      So put on your most creative thinking caps. Sharpen your writing
      skills. And rush to www.themotive.net for details. Join me in perhaps
      the most thrilling chapter of your life. Together, we can create
      internet history.

      Remember, the last date for submitting the second chapter is February
      12, 2001.

      Regards and best wishes,

      Tara Deshpande
      Lead Author, The Motive

      Catch the action at
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