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The Art of Radio - Who will be teaching

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  • Barry Rueger
    We are pleased to announce that the facilitators for this three day workshop will include sound artist Victoria Fenner, Composer and broadcaster Darren
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
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      We are pleased to announce that the facilitators for this three day
      workshop will include sound artist Victoria Fenner, Composer and
      broadcaster Darren Copeland, and just confirmed, CBC Radio producer,
      documentarian, and Prix Italia winner Steve Wadhams.

      Full details are included below.


      The Art of Radio
      A workshop that bridges media and creativity.

      Sponsored by the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR) as an
      extension of AIR's Mentor Program: "Nurturing excellence in radio,
      one producer at a time."

      Friday September 24th to Sunday September 26th
      9:30 AM to 4:00 PM.
      Unity on the Mountain Retreat Centre
      21 Rosedene Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario

      The cost will be $375 + GST for Canadians, or $300 US for those
      outside of Canada.

      Modelled on the successful “Full Moon Audio Art Camp”, this three day
      masterclass will bring together independent radio producers, sound
      artists, and others engaged in the creative exploration of sound.
      Over the course of three days they will work with established artists
      and producers, will participate in sound walks and other activities
      that encourage a more conscious interaction with the sonic
      environment, and will engage in creative projects as individuals and
      in groups.

      The overall goal of The Art of Radio workshop is to provide a time
      and place where artists, producers, and other audio professionals can
      explore ways of using sound that that extend conventional practices,
      and which may be experimental or purely artistic. At the end of three
      days participants will have discovered new ways of listening to their
      world, new ways of capturing and manipulating sound, and new ways of
      creating sound based works.

      As well as developing skills and knowledge which can lead to the
      creation of purely artistic works, this workshop will begin to create
      a pool of independent radio producers who will create radio
      productions that treat all sound as part of their palette, with talk
      and music being only two of many possible elements which can be
      manipulated and used in creative and synergistic fashions.

      The overall artistic direction for The Art of Radio Workshop will be
      by Canadian artist Victoria Fenner. Victoria was the founder and
      producer of the “Full Moon Audio Art Camp”, a week long residential
      retreat for artists in the hills of Ontario, then Quebec. She is an
      established sound artist, has produced and curated any number of
      Canada Council funded events that focus on sound art, and a frequent
      guest lecturer in both Canada and the United States. Her website can
      be found at http://www.magneticspirits.com

      Also presenting are:

      Steve Wadhams, CBC Radio

      Steve Wadhams got his start in radio fresh out of University as a BBC
      studio technician and then as a producer in the BBC's Overseas
      services. He moved to Canada in 1974, where he help found Sunday
      Morning in 1976. He spent a decade making documentaries for that
      program before moving to CBC TV in 1987 where he spent three years as
      a documentary producer, two of them with The Journal.

      Back to CBC radio in 1990 as a "producer at large", Steve spent time
      as a producer/consultant working with colleagues on a variety of
      projects. Part of his work involved helping producers use advanced
      digital sound technology, having helped develop CBC Radio's EAR
      (Experimental Audio Room) in the Toronto Broadcasting Centre. He also
      produced many documentaries, including highly acclaimed specials on
      Mozart and Handel's "Messiah". At present he spends part of his time
      as a senior producer for "Outfront" - a forum for Canadians to tell
      their own stories - and the rest on a new series of experimental
      audio pieces for CBC. http://www.cbc.ca/outfront/

      One of the radio achievements Steve is most proud of occurred during
      a stint at educational radio in Malawi in the early '70's. Steve, a
      long-time soccer fan, was thrilled to be drafted as the soccer
      commentator for all international games broadcast.

      Steve has won many honours for his work. Among them are two ACTRA
      national radio awards, two "Major Armstrong" awards (U.S.), two B'Nai
      Brith's for human rights journalism, a New York radio award, a
      Gabriel, two Canadian Association of Journalists awards, a Premios
      Ondas from Spain for innovative radio and the one he treasures most -
      a Prix Italia for a documentary he produced for Outfront in 1999.

      His other hobbies and passions include French Horn playing and choral
      singing (tenor).

      Darren Copeland

      Darren Copeland is an electroacoustic composer and sound designer who
      has produced work since 1985 for concerts, radio, theatre, dance, and
      site-specific installation.

      Darren CopelandAfter studying theatre sound design at Niagara
      College, he studied electroacoustic composition with Barry Truax
      (Simon Fraser University) and Dr. Jonty Harrison (University of
      Birmingham). His concert works have received mentions in
      international competitions (Vancouver New Music, Luigi Russolo,
      Hungarian Radio, La Muse en Circuit, and Phonurgia Nova) and appeared
      on compilation CD releases (Storm of Drones, Radius #3, DISContact I
      & II, Lieu - Non Lieu, Soundscape Vancouver, and Radiant Dissonance).
      Rendu visible, a CD devoted to his work, is available on the
      empreintes DIGITALes label.

      Some of his works combine his background in theatre and
      electroacoustic composition, such as his adaptation of August
      Strindberg's A Dream Play (first radio drama at CBC conceived for
      broadcast in Surround 5.1), his soundscape documentaries Life Unseen
      and The Toronto Sound Mosaic (produced by the Canadian Association
      for Sound Ecology), his DORA nominated soundtrack for Samuel
      Beckett's That Time (produced by Threshold Theater), and his text-
      sound compositions "Lapse in Perception" (produced for CBC Out
      Front), and “They’re Trying to Save Themselves” (produced for a
      commemorative broadcast for September 11 on CBC).

      Darren Copeland has composed a number of soundtracks for theatre and
      dance productions in Toronto, including works by Jessica Runge, Danny
      Grossman Dance Company, Elizabeth Chitty, Threshold Theater, Platform
      9, Puppetmonters, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Factory Theatre,
      Rumble Theatre, Pink Ink Theatre and many others.

      Darren Copeland is the Artistic Director of New Adventures in Sound
      Art, which produces electroacoustic and experimental sound art events
      in Toronto, Canada, and is the President of the Canadian Association
      for Sound Ecology. Previously he served on the board of directors for
      Canadian Electroacoustic Community, Vancouver Pro Musica, and Rumble
      Theatre .

      Darren makes his home in Brampton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto.

      Note: Darren will be presenting an advanced Pro-Tools session, but
      willalso be available to talk about his work in eight channel
      spatialized sound production.

      Please feel free to e-mail or call if you would like to be placed on

      To register please visit the Art of Radio webpage at:
      complete our on-line registration form , and then mail it with your
      payment (payable to: Community-Media.com) to:

      107 Victoria Avenue South
      Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2S9

      There are both a minimum and maximum number of participants that can
      be accommodated, so early registration is essential. Lunch will be
      provided each day.

      A limited number of low priced rooms, along with meals, will be
      available from the Unity Centre. Please contact them directly to book
      space. Due to elevator repairs, the rooms for this workshop will not
      be easily wheelchair accessible.

      Any questions can be directed to Barry Rueger rueger@community-
      media.com or 905-308-9179.

      Barry Rueger
      107 Victoria Avenue South, Hamilton, Ontario L8N 2S9
      Phone: 905-308-9179 Fax: 905-308-9732
      Cel: 905-979-6677
      AIM ID: AppalBarry
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