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The First Principle

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  • VictorM
    The pictures that accompany this post are located at: http://www.godsriddle.info/2011/12/first-principle.html A metaphysic deals with questions like: what are
    Message 1 of 71 , Dec 2, 2011
      The pictures that accompany this post are located at:
      A metaphysic deals with questions like: what are things made of and how do they change? The Greeks thought that things were made of earth, water, air or fire (similar to our solid, liquid, gas and energy). They wondered if something is common to all of these, some primary stuff (ousia)? Is anything anything is permanent in physical reality or is everything in flux (becoming since the beginning - genesis ka phthora)? Reasoning about the nature of existence (metaphysics) depends on assumptions which we cannot proof, which the Greeks called first principles (arche).

      One of the Greek philosophers, Aristotle, had a profound influence on modern science, but not without significant contributions from the medieval scholastics. Aristotle did not use a separate word for matter. He used hyle, wood. In Aristotle's system, material things were composites, dynamic - a blossoming emergence constructed of hyle and form (morphe). He saw hyle like the child in the womb of its mother, changing as it receives form, morphe (Physiscs I, 9). Morphe is what it is now. Hyle involves becoming something else. If everything is dynamic and changing, how can we understand earth history? Aristotle claimed that something down at the roots of reality, an invisible substrate (hypokeimenon), persist unchanged. Hypokeimenon can be the subject of a sentence, but it cannot be the predicate since it cannot be elaborated on. It is the only thing which suffers no change. Aristotle wrote "In general, it is absurd to make the fact that the things of this earth are observed to change and never to remain in the same state, the basis of our judgement about the truth. For in pursuing the truth one must start from the things that are always in the same state and suffer no change" (Metaphysics II,6).

      Sixteen hundred years after Aristotle, the Dominican Friar Thomas wrote extensively in Latin amalgamating Catholic theology with Aristotle's system. In Thomas' Latin, hypokeimenon became subiectum, what is under. Thomas opened up a way to simplify Aristotle with the Latin verb to be. The action involved in being, is esse. What something is, a noun, its Being is ens. Eventually esse, in the context of metaphysics, became essence - the actuality of a substance, what it is. The notion of changelessness, which Aristotle attributed to hypokeimenon (subiectum), came to means what it is - its substance. Friar Thomas' books were widely studied in western universities for hundreds of years. The Catholics eventually provided a first principle for a new form of philosophy, western science. Aristotle convoluted metaphysics was simplified into a single first principle. Matter was not just hyle and morphe but substance and all substance has an essence that is changeless.

      In modern science, substances can change in many ways. Matter can change state (solid to gas), temperature, combine into compounds, even fuse into new elements in the Sun or break into smaller parts through radiation. However, scientists assume that the essence of substance (what it is) is not dynamic; not blossoming into expanded forms; not changing itself, changing relationally (that is together). Newton used this as a first principle when he claimed that clocks measure linear time and orbits are clocks like. Einstein depended on this first principle when he assumed that the mass and energy of atoms have normal fixed values, that atoms are not naturally changing (becoming) as they age. Almost everything scientists do and think depends on this elementary assumption, which is why it is a first principle. The operational definitions of physics, the measuring units, the mathematics, the methods, the constants, the entire structure of western science was built on a single assumption - that matter is not dynamic - becoming - but static Being. No scientists questions or even discourses about this. They simply accept it as self evident since it is the historical foundation for their system.

      The Bible predicted this state of affairs. In the last days, Peter wrote, mockers will come saying
      all things remain the same - panta houtos diameni (2 Peter 3:3 - 6). Peter predicted that the mockers will use this idea to obfuscate the age and history of the plural heavens (evidently the galaxies - ouranoi esan ekpalai). We directly observe the past with telescopes back to the creation era. We observe in the light from billions of galaxies that all atoms are dynamic - changing with age. The earliest measured spectra dithered at 1/10th the frequencies of modern hydrogen atoms. The distant sky is wallpapered with uncountable galaxies that are shining at even lower microwave frequencies.

      The most powerful evidence for biblical creation is the visible beginnings of the universe. We observe with telescopes in all parts of the spectrum that ancient matter was tohu bohu, formless and compact as declared in the Hebrew text of Genesis 1. Occasionally we observe great flashes of light as matter takes on form, jetting out in long streams from point sources - as it takes on form as a relation with light. Elohim's command in Genesis for light to continue to be - continues in the Hebrew text. We observe that the earliest galaxies were naked, without starry appendages. The stars were ek - palai. The stars continued to come out, spread out, accelerate out as galaxies intrinsically grew into huge, dusty, local growth spirals. The orbits and the atomic clocks evidently are both accelerating together as billions of galaxies grew (morphe) into huge, local, growth spirals. Even on our own planet we find no evidence for unchanging substances. Earth's continents only fit together on a minuscule globe as new sea floor continues to form along a global undersea expansion seam. The Bible states three times that the Earth spreads out in unbroken continuity.

      To prevent what is visible from being true, scientists have filled the universe up with mythical things. They claim that a tiny spec of vacuum exploded, creating everything out of nothing. They claim there exists four times as much invisible matter as the natural kind. More than 70% of their universe is made of undetectable vacuum stretching energy. Scientists even admit that their universe is 99% invisible. All the invisible things were contrived to protect the first principle of science, the notion that atoms are immutable and dither with perpetual motion.

      The plural heavens (shamayim) declare the glory of God. Knowledge is available to all in the raqiya - the spread place (Psalms 19). Elohim continued to form the Sun, Moon and stars and continued to place them in the raqiya (the spreading place) - Genesis 4th day. Isaiah 40:26 "Lift up your eyes on high And see who has created these stars, the One who leads forth their host (in unbroken continuity) by number, He (continually) calls them all by name; because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, not one of them is missing." We see a biblical creation and a biblical cosmic history exactly as described in the literal words of the Bible. Huge telescopes are revealing the beginning of the universe. What is visible does not fit the first principle of science, the assumption that the essence of substance is changeless. How great will be the fall of western science before the great power of God's word.

      The picture shows several primordial galaxies from NASA's Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Please notice the distinct globular clumps coming out one behind the other like beads on a necklace. Also notice that the emerging spiral arms has a different light color (spectral frequency) than the tohu bohu core.
    • Randy C
      ... Randy C: Thanks. I d forgotten about that delusion. Victor concedes that science works locally . Which, if you think about it, is all that science has
      Message 71 of 71 , Dec 18, 2011
        > Isaac:
        > ...
        > It would be a good idea for you to also demonstrate
        > and explain what the practical applications and uses
        > of so-called "biblical physics" are. You're dead in
        > the water on that score as well, as you have admitted
        > to me that "biblical physics" doesn't actually have
        > any practical applications.

        Randy C:
        Thanks. I'd forgotten about that delusion.

        Victor concedes that science works "locally". Which, if
        you think about it, is all that science has to do.

        Science brought us computers. I'm using one right now.

        I'm using it "locally". I'm not using some computer on
        a distant galaxy. Even if you somehow convinced me that
        my computer wouldn't work on a distant galaxie, I
        couldn't possibly care.

        Nor, really, would anyone else (other than possibly a
        handful of scientific theorists).

        But that is another thing that Victor doesn't get.

        In Victor's mind, somehow and in some way he will
        convince everyone on Earth that his delusions are not
        delusions at all. Instead everyone will start looking
        at the distant galaxies without using this [mythical]
        first principle he is always talking about that blinds
        their vision. Everyone's sudden realization will be
        that Victor has been right all along and that this
        "Biblical physics" is real.

        So what will happen next in Victor's mind?

        People will voluntarily give up everything that the
        "failed science" brought us! People will throw their
        working computers in garbage cans. (Because, of
        course, they "only" work locally.) People will stop
        using cars. No more television and radio. NOTHING
        associated with science will be tolerated.

        Humans will voluntarily and with no prompting from
        governments or other organizations return to an
        agrarian society. There will be no government. There
        will be no money. It will be heaven on Earth because
        that nasty old science thingy will no longer be forced
        upon us.

        All of that may be every bit as delusional as anything
        else he believes.

        Which is saying a lot...
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