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Re: The biblical version of evolution (change)

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  • VictorM
    ... Subduction is a scientific myth, as the Australian geologist S. Warren Carey pointed out decades ago. 1. The undisturbed sediments in in the subduction
    Message 1 of 39 , Jun 1, 2011
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      --- In creationism@yahoogroups.com, "Eric" <opensipapu@...> wrote:
      > Victor: > 5. You even invent undetectable subduction to prevent the
      > Earth from getting bigger, even though we can see with sight that the
      > continents only fit together on a tiny globe.
      > >>
      > Actually subduction is far from "undetectable" as you keep insisting.
      > Precisely located points on either side of a subduction zone have been
      > measured to be getting closer and closer together, particularly after
      > earthquakes. Berylium-10 analyses of the output lava from volcanoes on
      > subduction zones show the clear mark of being made from subducted
      > sediments of the melting subducted plates. Earthquake locations around
      > subduction zones, when depth is considered, clearly show that the
      > further one moves away from the subduction trench, the deeper the quakes
      > are, outlining quite clearly the subducting plate as it falls away into
      > the mantle. The subducting plates can even be imaged by seismic
      > tomography, similar to the way ultrasounds work for imaging fetuses in
      > the womb.
      > And the continents DON'T fit together on a tiny globe. Yes, they were
      > all once clumped together in Pangea, but the east coast of Eurasia does
      > NOT fit physically nor geologically with the west coast of North or
      > South America and Antarctica and Autralia do NOT fit physically nor
      > geologically with Eurasia or North America. It was one big continent
      > with oceanic edges.
      > Eric

      Subduction is a scientific myth, as the Australian geologist S. Warren Carey pointed out decades ago.

      1. The undisturbed sediments in in the subduction trenches show that the seafloor in not diving back into the Earth. We find no scarps, scraped off sea mounts etc. Indeed, millions of square kilometers of scrapped off sea oozes are entirely missing from the trenches. HOw could rock much denser than granite break back into the Earth's interior without disturbing the sediment overburden or venting volcanism back out from the pressure cooker interior of the earth.

      Trenches adjacent to the land, such as the Arcadia trench are filled with land sediments from the Missula floods. The Philippine trench, the deepest one, has barely any sediments at all. In the case of the Aleutian trench the magnetic trips run in and out of the trench perpendicular to its long axis. This suggests that the trench was stretched out longitudinally. This fits with parallel faults that extend along the northern Pacific showing that Asia, America, Australia and Antarctica all used to be in contact with each other.

      2. Parallel faults are offset periodically with perpendicular transform faults that suggest the Earth was increasing in size. The main faults point back to the areas of the continents which used to be joined together.

      3. The notion that all the land was together on one side of the earth is ridiculous. Water runs to its own level. If all the land was on one side of the globe, the center of the earth would be offset and the oceans would not remain on "their side" but would inundate the land on the other side. Pangaea is a product of the creed of science, that atoms are not changing themselves with age.

      We detect that the expansion seams are spreading apart, pouring out fresh lava on a regular basis, such as at the Cocos plate. Instruments left on the sea floor were imbedded in lava a few years ago when the researchers came back to retrieve them. By the way triple junctions are evidence for an expanding earth. The Cocos, Nazca and Pacific plates meet at a triple junction. The North Atlantic has a triple junction from a expansion seam coming out from Gibraltar out to the center of the Atlantic. A triple junction exists off Washington state.

      When scientists first began to examine the spreading in the center of the Atlantic - there was an immediate problem. Spreading suggests that the Earth is continually growing. This is simply not allowed according to the scientific creed. So they invented subduction, without any evidence, to keep the Earth from growing. When drill ships later found layered undisturbed sediments in the subduction zones, they obfuscated to preserve the scientific creed, that atoms are immutable and dither with perpetual motion.

      The evidences for subduction are symbolical, mathematical evidences - evidences that depend on the creed, not evidences that are plain to see. For example, scientists have contrived measuring symbols based on immutable atoms with which they claim to measure the Earth with lasers, satellites, quasars etc. Yet these symbolical ways of measuring were contrived with the blind creed of the scientists, that atoms dither with perpetual motion. The entire structure of scientificating was built on that one assumption. The Bible predicted this state of affairs - that in the last days mockers will come saying all things remain the same. How amazing that the Bible predicted the creed of all scientists.

    • Dave Oldridge
      ... Exactly, so why do you repeatedly post YOUR propaganda and lies here? You are an embarrassment to the Christian faith--a loud, obnoxious, bibliolatrous
      Message 39 of 39 , Jun 11, 2011
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        On 02/06/2011 11:56 AM, Zack S. wrote:
        > RANDY, QUIT FILLING MY ACCOUNT WITH YOUR HARASSMENT AND NONSENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU EVER LOG OFF THE COMPUTER???????????????????????????????????
        > An evolutionist saying someone doesn't support his comments..... lol. What irony! Neither darwin nor any other evolutionist has yet to support anything. Propaganda and lies don't count as support. To his credit, Darwin rejected his own theory later.

        Exactly, so why do you repeatedly post YOUR propaganda and lies here?

        You are an embarrassment to the Christian faith--a loud, obnoxious,
        bibliolatrous heretic with delusions of literacy.

        Dave Oldridge
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