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Re: ID advocates resurrect YEC canard on 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

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  • George Spiggott
    ... only just beginning on this dissertation. I have much more insanity to share. ... there, I also believe that. ... truly scientific information. The Creator
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2006
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      --- In creationism@yahoogroups.com, "Gabor
      Horvath" <gabor.horvath@...> wrote:
      > Gabriel(partial)
      > Does this come close to answering your question? I don't know. I am
      only just beginning on this dissertation. I have much more insanity
      to share.
      > Gabor:
      > Hi my namesake Gabe. Yes, in a sense it does. The laws were always
      there, I also believe that.
      > The "In the beginning was the Word..." to me a perfectly reliable,
      truly scientific information. The Creator created laws and their
      function: ORDER, which made it posssible that anything - us included
      - exists.
      > George S
      > Surely Gabor, the 'Creator' would have to obey laws to be able to
      achieve such a feat? Nothing can exist if there are no laws to allow
      them to exist. Without space you can have no physical presence with
      no time you have no beginning or end.For word to exist there must be
      laws or is would just be a nonsensical jumble of letters.
      > GS
      > Gabor:
      > Right George. I fully agree. The Creator IS the WORD, and Hie WORD

      You agree that a creator has to obey laws to creat and the creator
      must obey the laws himself.

      >IS the LAW. They are all eternal, since God is the Eteranal One..
      > It is indeed quite clear. Man can not even "theorise" about
      > "evolving" LAWS.

      You have no idea the meaning of eternal.

      > And yes, God is the Omnipotent One who can do whatsoever He WANTS
      to do. He would be able to create chaos, but He is not the author of

      Who is the author of confusion and is he also 'eternal'

      > The Creator is the God of order.You are right George, God does not
      >want to violate His own laws. Tnat is why His Anointed One had to
      >die for us to restore order without violating His own rigorous order
      >of moral laws.

      Now you are making no sense at all.

      > Have a nice day George: Gabor
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