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Thank you, Chris Sharp!

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  • rlbaty@webtv.net
    ... I really like that example! :o) Sincerely, Robert Baty
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2003
      Chris wrote on Todd's list, in part:

      > Message 12295 of 12302  

      > From:  "csharpdotcom"
      > Date:  Sat Aug 2, 2003  5:06 pm
      > Subject:  The slippery slope of using
      > science to support the Bible

      > I have serious problems with people
      > claiming scientific foreknowledge of
      > information that was not known until
      > modern times.

      > As far as I know, but I stand corrected
      > if anybody can pull out any contrary
      > information, all passages which can be
      > interpreted to meam the author had
      > scientific foreknowledge are either
      > ambigous, and can be interpreted in
      > various ways, or the author did have
      > the knowledge, but not supernaturally.

      > An example for the former are the paths
      > in the seas. . .

      I really like that example! :o)

      Robert Baty
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