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  • Schubidoo <schubidoo@yahoo.com>
    ... to ... infallible now, are you? ... No, just pointing out that critics find errors where none exist. All the fundie nonsense about absolute lack of error
    Message 1 of 580 , Jan 1, 2003
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      --- In creation_evolution_debate@yahoogroups.com, "Brian Davis"
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      > [Quote left by Shoob]:
      > "Evangelicals often have a tendency to find implausible solutions
      > difficulties in the Bible and to be satisfied that they have once
      > again vindicated the Word of God. On the other hand, critical
      > scholars tend to find errors in the Bible where none exist."
      > Daniel B. Wallace, Ph D
      > Come on, now, Shubi -- you're not trying to imply the Bible's
      infallible now, are you?
      > - Brian

      No, just pointing out that critics find errors where none exist.

      All the fundie nonsense about absolute lack of error etc. is used by
      both sides. That is why I have coined the concept of fundie atheist.
      If you want to argue the Bible text with me, you will need to be more
      sophisticated, understand the underlying theology passed down to us
      by the Church fathers for 2000 years and know the original languages
      and their precursors.
    • LAlbert
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      Message 580 of 580 , Jan 11, 2003
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        --- In creation_evolution_debate@yahoogroups.com, "Laurie Appleton"
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        > Hi shubi,
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        >   Subject: [creation_evolution_debate] Re: Theories Change
        >   >
        >   LA>      No wonder you come across in your messages as
        >   >   a totally "frustrated" person!
        >   shubi:
        >    I am not frustrated by the enormous amount of data
        >   that supports the fact of evolution.  I do not need to lie or
        >   misquote others to demonstrate the validity of my position.
        >   >
        >       The lie is the claim that there is an "enormous amount
        >   of data that supports  evolution," since many evolutionists
        >   have admitted from time to time that the evidence has
        >   "delighted the creationists" and better supports
        >   Creation. i.e.;
        >   --------------------------------
        >           "Much evidence can be adduced in favour of the theory
        >        of evolution --- from biology, bio-geography and
        >        palaeontology, but I still think that, to the unprejudiced,
        >        the fossil record of plants is in favour of special
        >        creation. If, however, another explanation could be found
        >        for this hierarchy of classification, it would be the knell
        >        of the theory of evolution."
        >                (Prof. E.J.H.Corner (Professor of Tropical Botany,
        >        Cambridge University, UK), "Evolution" in in Contemporary
        >        Botanical Thought, Anna M.Macleod and L.S.Cobley (editors),
        >        Oliver and Boyd, for the Botanical Society of Edinburgh,
        >        1961, p.97.)
        >   ========================
        >   Again;
        >         "There was little doubt that the star intellectual
        >   turn of last week's British Association for the Advancement
        >   of Science meeting in Salford was Dr John Durant, a
        >   youthful lecturer from University College Swansea. Giving
        >   the Darwin lecture to one of the biggest audiences of the
        >   week, Durant put forward an audacious theory --- that
        >   Darwin's evolutionary explanation of the orgins of man
        >   has been transformed into a modern myth, to the detriment
        >   of science and social progess."......
        >   Durant concludes that the secular myths of evolution
        >   have had "a damaging effect on scientific research",
        >   leading to "distortion, to needless controversy, and
        >   to the gross misuse of science"."
        >    (Dr John Durant (University College Swansea, Wales), as
        >   quoted in "How evolution became a scientific myth",New
        >   Scientist, 11 September 1980, p.765.)
        >   Laurie Appleton
        >   lappleto@o...

        Thanks for quoting someone who is a more up to date biologist than
        Mayr, Liarton.  You are really helping me show everyone that Leon and
        hec are creationuts in drag.
        Leon: Your religiously motivated paranoid delusions are apparently causing you to "block out" that which you do not wish to see, shubi. Note the dates of what you characterize as Liar-Laurie's "up to date" citations:  1961 and 1980. And, exactly HOW these citations further your paranoid delusion that myself and hec are creationuts is completely unspecified...yet another example of your irrational reliance on logical fallacies, this time the fallacy of argument by assertion combined with a non-sequitur. Do you and Appleton attend the same seminars on the use of logical fallacies to protect and defend your shared fundie mythology?
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