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Re: Liars....was: Suddenly suddenly!

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  • isaac
    ... isaac: Every once in a great while some ignorant yahoo comes along that thinks that what Appleton is doing is just great. I ve seen some over the years
    Message 1 of 639 , Dec 10, 2012
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      --- In creation_evolution_debate@yahoogroups.com, PIASAN@... wrote:
      > isaac: Well, it i s certainly true that Appleton can lay no claim to winning any
      > debates. And there is absolutely no one here who can make any honest admission
      > of having lost any debate here to a creationist.
      > .
      > Appleton's point, already a moot one even if true, is rendered even more so.
      > .
      > Appleton routed again. One wonders why Appleton even bothers wasting his time..

      > Pi:
      > Actually, one wonders why we bother wasting ours responding to his outdated statements of opinion... some of which have now been presented in this forum around 1500 times. Now, if he actually produced some EVIDENCE, that would be different .........

      isaac: Every once in a great while some ignorant yahoo comes along that thinks that what Appleton is doing is just great. I've seen some over the years that seem to think that Appleton and his quote mining are kryptonite to supporters of evolution, and that Appleton's approach is the way to go.

      You may remember a couple of years ago, some twit bounced in here thinking Appleton is the chosen one. Practically all the regular posters jumped on that one--that knucklehead was not long for this group.

      So, as the saying goes, I'm dancing for the audience, not my partner. As I've said before as well, I detest what Appleton is and what he stands for, and I just can't find it in me to look the other way while the likes of Appleton encourage the ignorant and the gullible. I do have too much sometimes and have to sit out for a brief bit, but Appleton just keeps on going, with his act that has not changed one bit in 30 years.
    • Robert Stewart
      ________________________________ From: Dave Oldridge To: creation_evolution_debate@yahoogroups.com Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 8:56 AM
      Message 639 of 639 , Dec 12, 2012
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        From: Dave Oldridge <doldridg@...>
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        Subject: RE: [creation_evolution_debate] persisting despite clear findings of error....was: Liars..
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        Subject: Re: [creation_evolution_debate] persisting despite clear findings of error....was: Liars..

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        From: PIASAN@...
        Sent: Monday, December 10, 2012 3:26 AM
        Subject: [creation_evolution_debate] persisting despite clear findings of error....was: Liars..
        LA> The "bad thing" is to persist in an idea in SPITE of the clear scientific findings that repudiate that idea.  It them becomes a vehicle to promote error, confusion and  falsehoods.
        That applies to all of the current creation "science" models of which I'm aware including:
        1)  Barry Setterfield's c-decay.
        2)  Dr. Russell Humphreys' white holes.
        3)  Dr. Jason Lisle's anisotropic synchrony
        4)  Dr. Larry Vardiman's vapor canopy.
        5)  Dr. John Baumgardner's runaway subduction.
        6)  Dr. Walt Brown's hydroplates.
        Among these models are some (such as c-decay) that even the creationist ministries say should not be used; others (such as white holes and the vapor canopy) that even the author admits will not work; and several (such as vapor canopy, runaway subduction, and hydroplates) that, if true, would sterilize the planet.  (I can think of little that would more effectively refute a scientific model than the fact it would destroy all life on Earth.).
        Laurie claims to want creation "science" taught in public schools, yet he has never proposed a single current creation "science" model that should be presented in public schools ..... let attempt a defense of such model in this forum. 
        LA> Nothing alters the fact that  various evolutionists have admitted at various times and in various ways that the Creation scientists regularly "routed" their evolutionary opponents in that decade of all those hundreds of open, public  debates on the scientific questions!  For example a noted evolutionary Biologist wrote the following;
        And nothing alters the fact that you, Laurie, nor any other creationist has been able to provide a shred of scientific evidence for any of your major YEC claims.  This proves that, if those debates were really won by creationist debaters, then it must have been by guile, not by scientific evidence, since that has proved (right here) to be non-existent. Where is the creationist SCIENTIFIC evidence for a young universe, young earth or geologically recent global flood? CAN they supply anything other than lies about the actual scientific data or its meaning, or rhetorical excuses why they don’t have to?  So far they are batting zero and then arguing balls and strikes with the umpire!
        Dave Oldridge
        Robert--Remember all that I am a Old Earth Creationist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
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