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  • Laurie Appleton
    The following is from Appendix A of the book called What is Creation Science by Henry M.Morris and Gary E. Parker, ISBN-0-1-89051-081-4 ... Question:
    Message 1 of 85 , Dec 3, 2012
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      The following is from "Appendix A" of the book called
      "What is Creation Science" by  Henry M.Morris and Gary E.
      Parker, ISBN-0-1-89051-081-4
      Question:   Why should creationists insist on teaching creationism in
      public schools when they do not teach evolutionism in their
      own churches and religious schools ?
      Answer:  This widely circulated criticism reveals a serious
      misunderstanding of the nature of public schools and other
      tax-supported institutions.  These are supported by BOTH
      groups of citizens - creationists and evolutionists - and
      therefore both basic scientific models of origins should be
      taught in them, as objectively as possible.  If Christians
      want to have ONLY creation taught, then they should establish
      private schools for that purpose.  By the same token, if
      secularists or others want to have only evolution taught, they
      should establish private humanistic schools for THAT purpose.

      For evolutionists to insist that their evolutionary religion
      should be subsidized by the taxes of creationists is both
      arrogant and unconstitutional.  The two-model approach -
      teaching both evolution and creation on a strictly scientific
      and objective basis - is the only approach in the public
      schools which is consisten with constitution, with civil
      rights, religious neutralism, scientific objectivity,
      educational effectiveness, academic freedom, and general
      ("What is Creation Science" by Henry M. Morris and Gary E.
      Parker, (ISBN-0-1-89051-081-4), 1983, p. 273)
    • tinroad66
      = where we find that a highly qualified scientist has stated Tin: What was the context ?
      Message 85 of 85 , Feb 15, 2014
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         where we find that a highly qualified scientist has stated
        Tin:  What was the context ?
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