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Re: Educating Laurie

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  • tinroad66
    Hi Simpleton, Laurie are you beginning to realize that you are merely a joke ? There is NO evolutionary order at all and never was. ~ Laurie Appleton lying
    Message 1 of 448 , Feb 1, 2005
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      Hi Simpleton,

      Laurie are you beginning to realize that you are merely a joke ?

      "There is NO evolutionary order at all and never was." ~ Laurie
      Appleton lying about the fossil record.

      The Fossil Record
      first bacteria before
      first multicellular organisms before
      first shelled organisms before
      first insects before
      first amphibians before
      first reptiles before
      first dinosaurs before
      first birds before
      first placental mammals before
      first apes before
      first hominids

      > PS> The irony here is that these 3 authorities, Einstein, Sagan
      > Johnson, are well respected authorities in physics or
      > which have nothing to do with Biology. That makes as much sense
      > quoting Winston Churchill to make an argument about Art History.

      Tin: Yes, but you see Laurie is very stupid. He genuinely seems to
      believe that even his most obvious logical fallacies are actually
      fantastic arguments. In particular he enjoys the argument by
      authority logical fallacy. Even after the fallacious nature of the
      argument is pointed out to him, he will (very) simply repeat the
      exact same argument. Utterly unchanged ! He can't understand why
      everyone isn't running to his side. All that on top of the fact the
      he misinterprets and misunderstands the quotes he uses.

      Laurie is so stupid he's funny.

      > LA> The same comment applies here too. Each of
      those "authorities"
      > can be entirely capable of discuss many sorts of matters that are
      > outside their particular areas of specialty!

      Tin: But Mr. Simpleton when a person supplies an opinion outside
      their area of expertise it is no longer an opinion that carries the
      weight of an expert authority. It carries no more weight than any
      one elses. Except maybe yours -- ha, ha, ha.

      But due to your bulk stupidity you are doomed to make this same
      thinking error over and over and over again. It's stuff like this
      makes it impossible for any sane person to take you the least bit
      seriously. But of course you are far to out of touch to have a clue.
      Because you are a brainwashed zombie you are incapable of learning
      from your mistakes.

      Poor old Mr. Simpleton, you simply can't teach this old dog a new

      ".. there are NO real "beneficial" mutations at allÂ…" ~ Laurie
      Appleton lying.

      ******* News from Laurie's Authorities at AiG *********


      Which arguments should definitely not be used?

      'There are no beneficial mutations.' This is not true, since some
      changes do confer an advantage in some situations.

    • Laurie Appleton
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        --- In creation_evolution_ debate@yahoogrou ps.com, "Laurie Appleton"
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        > >
        > Dindy: When I was in college there was a guy in my German class who
        > would sit at the head of our table, look at me, shake his head, and
        > say "Yankee go home." He always told me later he was kidding, but
        > not 100% sure he was.
        > LA> But Dindy, since you were (and still are!) beautiful and very
        personable, then perhaps he could not just come out and say that, but
        he might have been desperately, trying to "get started" with you in
        some way! That is a typical enough ploy!!
        Dindy: It's possible dear. But it was not very effective!

        LA> Well I wouldn't blame him for trying!  As they say; "The faint heart never won a fair lady"!



        "The evolution-creation controversy is not about minor variations but
        about how things like birds come into existence in the firsrt place."
        (Phillip E. Johnson, 1997)



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