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Press release for a new aquarium and aquaculture website.

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  • jviswakula
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Online Network Launched for Aquarium and Aquaculture Hobbyists Finvillage.com was recently launched to offer aquarium and aquaculture
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2007

      New Online Network Launched for Aquarium and Aquaculture Hobbyists
      Finvillage.com was recently launched to offer aquarium and aquaculture
      hobbyists a unique opportunity for social and business networking.
      Members of the Website can connect with similar-minded individuals
      plus enjoy a one-stop source for information, resources, trading,
      auctions and more.

      Alexandria, Va. October 31, 2007 â€" Thanks to Finvillage.com, fish
      enthusiasts now have a unique place to expand their resources, meet
      like-minded individuals and make money. Finvillage.com is an
      innovative social and business network for aquarium and aquaculture
      hobbyists, as well as entrepreneurs, fish clubs, and conservation and
      animal rescue groups.

      “Finvillage.com connects hobbyists, entrepreneurs and would-be
      aquaculture farmers with a single source for information, shopping and
      interaction,” said Jinen Viswakula, the Website’s community manager.
      “Hobbyists can make similar-minded friends, expand their hobby/fish
      collection, find resources, learn from others and make money from
      their endeavors. Entrepreneurs can use the Website as a sales platform
      to better reach their target market.”

      The new Website offers a variety of features that community members
      can take advantage of for themselves or their organizationâ€"all free of
      charge. For example, they can create a page for themselves or for
      their fish, business or group. Members can also indulge in blogs,
      forums, groups, a photo gallery, photo rating, fish auctions, fish
      classifieds, quizzes, polls, live chat and events. In the fish auction
      section, sellers can upload video as well as pictures to provide a
      visual description of the fish they have for sale. They can also
      create a personalized auction-style store for a small monthly fee to
      enhance their sales efforts.

      In essence, Finvillage.com is a virtual feast for fish-loving
      professionals and amateurs. “This is the MySpace of aquarium and
      aquaculture with a twist,” Viswakula said. “It’s a combination of
      MySpace, eBay and Flickr for aquarium and aquaculture peopleâ€"and it’s
      available to a global audience.”

      Finvillage.com brings people together in a uniquely engaging way.
      Members can make friends, trade fish and express their opinion with
      others on various fish-related topics. For example, a recent poll on
      the question “What fish do you prefer?” allowed responders to reveal
      their favorite fish. Likewise, the forum feature enables individuals
      to share their views on a wide range of topics, including breeding
      freshwater fish, aquatic plants and reef tanks.

      Finvillage.com capitalizes on the growth of Web 2.0 technology and
      social networking by using the Internet to link people who are
      interested in aquariums, aquaculture and other fish-oriented subjects.
      In addition, the aquaculture industry is gaining popularity all around
      the country. Aquafarming is proving to be an excellent way to
      diversify farming operations, and it’s driving many farmers to make
      the switch from livestock to aquaculture. Increasingly, farms that
      have lost interest in livestock and poultry production are converting
      their unused hog, veal or poultry barns into re-circulating
      aquaculture systems.

      To learn more about online social and business networking
      opportunities for aquarium and aquaculture hobbyists, visit

      About FinVillage.com
      Finvillage.com is designed to be a one-stop shop for aquarium and
      aquaculture hobbyists worldwide. Its creator, Jinen Viswakula, is an
      aquarium and fish enthusiast with 20 years of fish keeping and
      breeding experience. Viswakulaâ€"a banker by tradeâ€"is based in
      Alexandria, Va. Finvillage.com is a privately-held business that
      operates entirely online.

      Jinen Viswakula, Community Manager
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