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Re: Assorted debris

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  • Jesse Jones
    ... I ll look into doing this. If we wind up going this route I think we ll have to make food easier to come by. ... I m having a bit of trouble parsing this.
    Message 1 of 5 , May 1, 1999
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      >> Wouldn't it be better if
      >> all the food on a level was updated when you re-enter a level?

      I'll look into doing this. If we wind up going this route I think we'll
      have to make food easier to come by.

      >> Message: 3
      >> Date: Sat, 24 Apr 99 02:43:47 -0800
      >> From: Jesse Jones <jesjones@...>
      >> Subject: Changes [Long]
      >> Here are my latest changes. This includes a revised char_dump() function
      >> that includes information about artifacts. If the player is dead all
      >> artifacts are dumped, otherwise only ID'd artifact info is dumped (as it
      >> turns out I didn't have to make any changes to get this behavior).
      >Excellent. When Brian finishes the inventory stuff, I'd like for
      >you to incorporate your changes. Then I'll put in a few of mine and
      >we'll all try to compile the result. If all that works, we'll release
      >version 3.31. OK?

      I'm having a bit of trouble parsing this. If you're saying that I'm the
      temporary owner of the code that would be fine with me. In fact, I'd like
      that. It'd make it easy for me to fixup the headers and do some global

      >> BTW one of the things I really like about Crawl is that insta-deaths seem
      >> very rare.
      >I agree. I have had characters of moderate hp (30-40) die a slow death
      >after quaffing potions of poison. It is agonizing watching their hit
      >points slowly dwindle to nothing. But quaffing unkown stuff is *supposed*
      >to be risky. :)

      I've also had problems with low-level characters and poison, but this is
      fortunately usually easy to avoid. However I recently have had a
      character who was insta-killed. I had a nice gladiator who was making
      mince-meat of everyone with a triple-sword of slicing who got a bit
      cocky. I was at the lowest level of the Vaults and handling the vault
      guards relatively easy when I lured a Storm Dragon to the preceding
      level. After we climbed the stairs it immediately hit me with a lightning
      blast which knocked me from about 167 HPs to 8 HPs! I went berserk, but
      it killed me with it's next blow.

      However even this is closer to death from stupidty than an insta-death.
      If I had berserked before going down the stairs I would have had a much
      better chance of surviving...

      >> >> >Jewellery
      >> >> > m - the amulet of Cekugob (neck) (210gp)
      >> >
      >> >> This amulet repels some of the attacks of creatures which have been
      >> >> magically summoned.
      >> >> It affects your AC (+1).
      >> >> It affects your evasion (+1).
      >> >> It protects you from fire.
      >> >> It protects you from cold.
      >> >> It insulates you from electricity.
      >> >> It protects you from poison.
      >> >> It protects you from negative energy.
      >> >> It prevents most forms of teleportation.
      >> >> It speeds your metabolism.
      >> For a living character all those resistances bundled into one nice
      >> package is awfully compelling. I didn't have to worry about elemental
      >> attacks at all until I ran up against the top of the line demons.
      >Shall we take Linley's suggestion and remove the fire and cold protections
      >and give it, say, -1 strength and -1 intelligence? Or how about we have
      >it make you *vulnerable* to fire and cold?
      >We *could* make it mutagenic. :)

      I'd be in favor of simply removing the fire and cold resistances. It's
      still be a very nice amulet, but I can live with that. :-)

      >> Message: 5
      >> Date: Thu, 29 Apr 1999 19:58:42 -0400
      >> From: Chris Cotter <ccotter@...>
      >> Subject: Re: Yet another big mish-mash
      >> I think there is a compromise position on this. Just as your weapon is
      >> automatically un-wielded, your cloak and armor could be auto-removed,
      >> with the cloak being put back on. The action still takes the same number
      >> of time units, cursed cloaks will still keep you from changing your
      >> armor, and it is much more convenient.
      >Good suggestion. I would prefer a variant that specifically mentions
      >taking off the cloak and doesn't put it back on for you -- at least
      >not if a monster is present.

      I think a message saying a cloak has been removed and put back on is
      sufficient. Once you see this a few times you'll know that it's not the
      speediest of actions.

      >What, if anything, happens with cursed gloves and/or rings? One
      >should prevent the other from being removed.

      I like the idea of cursed gloves preventing you from changing rings, but
      I'm not sure about the converse.

      -- Jesse
    • Brian C. Robinson
      ... Its just an abbreviation for artifacts. In Crawl and other Roguelike, artifacts are unique magic items with special properties. In Crawl, there are
      Message 2 of 5 , May 1, 1999
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        On Sat, 1 May 1999, David Loewenstern wrote:

        > Excuse me, could someone explain what "arts" is?
        Its just an abbreviation for artifacts. In Crawl and other
        Roguelike, artifacts are "unique" magic items with special properties. In
        Crawl, there are randarts and unrandarts, the former being those that are
        randomly generated and the latter being ones that are hard coded into the

        "We have just enough religion to make him mad." - MegaHAL
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