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New hiscores, projected noise

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  • bluedragon@centrum.cz
    1) In acr.cc, line 256 in cprintf( Best Crawlers - n ) should be EOL instead of n (under DOS it s n r ;). 2) New hiscore ususally isn t added to top list,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2001
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      1) In acr.cc, line 256 in cprintf(" Best Crawlers -\n") should be EOL
      instead of \n (under DOS it's \n\r ;).

      2) New hiscore ususally isn't added to top list, even if it should
      be. It looks it can't be added if it's not the new best one (you can
      be added only when you will be first in the list). Or is it
      feature ?

      3) Did anyone tried "Projected noise" in recent times ? If I'm not
      missing something this spell is completely useless. Please, fix me if
      I'm wrong.

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