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177Re: Dogs urine burning lawns

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  • fotnofuth
    Sep 30 10:25 AM
      --- In craftsmanlawn@yahoogroups.com, "Trevor & Bev. Andrews"
      <dalbyglenn@...> wrote:
      > Has any one any idea how to prevent, cure or even reduce the burn
      > effect of dogs especially bitches who tend to pee anywhere on the
      > whereas males will mark the extremities
      > Trevor Andrews
      > Nottingham
      > i have used various baby powders and cheap herbs like spearement to
      sprinkel on my yards to provent my dogs from pean in certain spots in
      my yard.theres alot of spices dogs just dont like and the smell of them
      keeps them away so you might try that or the baby powder just sprinkel
      it in the yard where you waint it.i allso trained my dogs to stay on
      the patio and that really helped out allso.
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