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165Santa Ana

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  • Luke Schneider
    Jul 23, 2008
      Im having trouble sending this so am trying again. Apologies if it is
      a multiple post!

      Hi all,

      I am new to the group but just wanted to get some advice on our santa
      ana lawn if

      We bought a new house at the beginning of the year here in Australia
      (in the summer), and
      the back lawn was thick, green santa ana. It was quite bulky and
      clumpy, so I mowed it
      back quite short in places. Now it is quite heavily discoloured and
      dead looking in places.

      i am in trouble with the other half for doing this to the lawn, but
      from what I can gather,
      Santa ana does this over winter anyway...plus I am under the
      impression santa ana can get
      quite thantchy and needs to be cut back very short each year anyway.
      It was certainly
      lumpy in places...with length of about 15 - 20cm!!

      My question is, when shall I cut it back short all over and expose the
      dead looking stuff
      underneath, in order for it to come back green pretty quickly? Or
      should I not do this at
      all? When I do this, should I top soil it with anything? Or aerate it?

      The other problem is our three border collies, who although well
      behaved, add significant
      traffic to the lawn! When I cut it back I want to maximise the chances
      of it coming back
      thick and strong, to avoid having it turn to mud/dirt with the
      inevitable traffic!

      At the moment I havent mowed it since that fateful day about 6-8 weeks
      ago, and it hasnt
      needed it...very dormant at the moment.

      The other part of my question is what to do about invading kykuyu
      (spelling???). It is
      slowly spreading, and while at first I ripped out every runner I could
      find, it is now getting
      hard. Are there any solutions to this problem? If I rip it all out, I
      will be left with big bare
      patches...shall I just cut my losses and let it take over?

      Thanks for any tips...im determined to get this lawn looking great
      (but not lumpy!).