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154Re: [craftsmanlawn] Ground cover

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  • naughty cherub
    Jun 1, 2008
      for a steep slope, i'd try the no mow grass.  the website is www.nomowgrass.com  its an excellent barefoot grass, it gets mowed twice a year. once in the spring and once in the fall, but you may not even have to do that much.  anyway, there is the site.  i have the grass seeds for my yard, but going to wait til september to plant

      jalong1952@... wrote:
      Can anyone give me advice on growing ground cover? I have a back yard with a steep slope that is extremely hard to mow. I'd like to start a good ground cover at the bottom and let it spread, eventually, over the whole yard. (Also, eventually, I'd like to add more shrubs, plants, flower beds, a bit of terracing, a walkway.....but I need to take it slow.) The soil is not very good, has a lot of clay and rocks. What would be a good ground cover to plant? I've been told creeping phlox and ivy might work. Also, I was thinking of hiring someone to come in with a roto-tiller to prepare the ground for planting.....any advice is welcome!

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