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470Re: Paint on brick

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  • greene98360
    Dec 7, 2008
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      Back in the 1980's when "everybody" started layering white paint on
      their fireplace bricks I figured we would come back to an era in which
      painted fireplaces would not be considered "the" thing to do. I
      understand that there are some sealer types of products one can apply
      before painting that will allow for easier paint removal in the future.

      But, this whole situation reminds me of watching a TV show years ago in
      which folks purchased perfectly fine, all wood furntiture and then
      proceeded to "distress" it. All I could do is turn to our most
      functional, most ugly, mobile wood cupboard complete with paint chips
      through multiple layers of different colored paint and a few dents. -
      And to think folks were working hard to achieve that same look!

      One of the things that I've come to realize is that some of the best
      designer and interior decorator types are the people who are able to
      take the less than ideal and spin it into their design. I suspect that
      we will be looking at whitened brick in some of the designer looks
      within the next couple of years. But, what I'm truly looking forward
      to is when it become popular to take a perfectly good looking fireplace
      and whiten it similarly to a fireplace that has had its white paint
      removed as best as could be; which means flicks and flecks of white if
      not more.

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