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468Removing Paint, Patching Walls, and Cutting Holes

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  • Have A_nice_day
    Dec 7, 2008
      I mentioned earlier that Easy Off Oven cleaner or its generic version
      sold at the dollar stores works well as a paint remover. Well, I
      found that barbecue grill cleaner works nicely too. I have to say
      that the usual precautions on the label are in effect, Sorry,
      predatory lawyers.

      I found another thing. I needed to patch some holes in plaster board
      and noticed that I had one of those muffler repair kits. It just
      worked beautifully. After it dried, you could hardly see it and that
      was before I plastered over it.

      We discussed earlier about that gadget in those infomercials that they
      used for cutting a hole in drywall, among other things. I saw on a
      home improvement show where you can buy a thing that looks like a
      drill bit called a "spiral cutter". They demonstrated cutting a hole
      for an electrical outlet.