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448Re: 1993 ford tempo problems

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  • terwrench
    Oct 10, 2008
      --- In craftsmanauto@yahoogroups.com, "carole.neece" <carole.neece@...>
      > My car was dying when it got to operating temp they tested the control
      > module and said it was bad I replaced it now it is spitting and
      > sputtering and dying when it warms up. I have done the timing but
      > have no clue what it is now it is like all the sudden it dont wnat to
      > take gas or some thing could it be the coil pack. Could a coil be
      > getting hot and not putting out right?
      > thank you
      > Carole E. Neece
      Experienced very similiar complaints and a I.S.C. motor fixed mine.
      Older tempos used a feedback idle speed control motor that when acted
      up caused a large variety of driveability issues including yours.

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