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Hurry Don't Delay Seven Days to Register for Nationals

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  • cbmra
    There are only 7 days to the September cut-off date for the Nationals. Don t wait any longer! Enter now to assure a place at the regatta and reserve your
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2008
      There are only 7 days to the September cut-off date for the

      Don't wait any longer! Enter now to assure a place at the regatta and
      reserve your channel. See the entry form at the end of the message.

      ENTRANTS today
      1 Paul Boulay
      2 Francis Cichowski
      3 Julian Croxall
      4 Steve Cruse
      5 Al Dion
      6 Stuart H.Feinberg
      7 David Graves
      8 Dick Huntington
      9 Brian Jobson
      10 Alan Kew
      11 Peter Kreiling
      12 Charles Luscomb
      13 Jean A.Malthaner
      14 Biff Martin
      15 Dick Martin
      16 David Ramos
      17 John Skerry
      18 John Snow
      19 Pat Stadel
      20 Stuart Tubbs
      21 Willaim Uhl
      22 DaveVanCleef

      2008 CR 914 National Championships

      September 26-28, 2008

      Hosted by Marblehead Model Yacht Club at Redd's Pond

      The Marblehead Model Yacht Club invites you to the 14th CR 914
      National Championship Regatta at historic Redd's Pond in Marblehead,
      MA. Redd's has been used to race model sailboats for more than 100

      Redd's Pond was named in memory of Wilmot Redd, a Marblehead fishwife
      living next to the pond, who was executed as part of the infamous
      Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s. The pond is a natural rain-fed basin
      in the stone ledge. Following catastrophic town fires, a dam raised
      the water level ~4 feet in the late 1800s to provide fire-fighting
      water. In the 1930s, the WPA built the pond wall designed expressly
      for racing model boats.

      The regatta will be limited to 36 participants. Entries will be
      accepted based on date the fee is received. Entry form and fee must
      be received before September 15. There can be no refunds after
      September 15.

      Corinthian YC, Marblehead, has reserved all their rooms for the
      national's participants on a first-come-first served basis. Contact
      David Titus, 781 631 0005, for reservations. Since Marblehead is a
      tourist destination, we recommend that you make other lodging
      reservations early.

      The Chamber of Commerce, 781 631 2868,
      (http://www.marbleheadchamber.org/index.asp), lists many Bed and
      Breakfasts near Redd's Pond.

      Directions to Redd's: If you use a service such as MapQuest, enter 67
      Pond St., Marblehead, as the destination.

      Racing Format will use HMS for the entire regatta. The first race
      will be seeded based on each boat's historical performance or
      randomly if there is no performance data. The first race will count
      in the final score and may be discarded.

      Discards per HMS

      1 after race 4

      2 after race 10

      3 after race 19

      Add one for every additional 9 races

      Regatta Schedule

      Friday, September 26
      2:00 Registration, measurement and practice

      5:30 Cocktails (cash bar) and dinner at CYC

      Saturday, September 27
      8:30 Check-in/late registration, measurement, coffee

      9:00 Skipper's Meeting

      Lunch provided at the pond

      Racing all day,

      5:30 Cocktails (cash bar), dinner at CYC

      Sunday, September 28
      9:00 Morning coffee and Skipper's Meeting

      Lunch provided

      Racing until ~2:30 pm

      Awards ceremony

      For additional information, please contact:

      Chuck Winder Sarra Tubbs

      19 Robert Rd. 11 Elm St.

      Marblehead, MA 01945 Marblehead, MA 01945

      781 631 6727 781 639 0437

      chuckw88@... sntubbs@...


      2008 CR 914 CLASS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS September 26 - 28

      NAME _______________________AMYA# _____SAIL# ______BOAT

      (Be advised that cranky Dick Martin will assign names to all un-named


      PHONE (Day)____________________________________(Evening)

      E-MAIL____________________ RADIO CHANNEL #1____#2_____#3_____ or
      2.4 GHz

      Contact Chuck Winder, 781 631 6727, chuckw88@... for channel

      Entrant must be a current AMYA member and registered with the CR 914
      class organization.

      FEE: $85 Entry fee includes:

      Morning coffee, two lunches, Friday's meal, Saturday's meal and

      I will be attending the Friday evening gathering ­­­____ and the
      Saturday evening dinner ____.

      Friday evening meal guests are $12 each.

      Saturday evening meal guests are $30 each.

      I will be bringing ______ guests for lunches.

      In consideration of your acceptance of my entry, I agree to the

      1.. I hereby release the Marblehead Model Yacht Club, its Officers,
      Agents and Committeemen from any and all liabilities for any injury
      to myself or yacht arising out of my conduct during the regatta.
      2.. I assume any risk of injury arising out of my participation in
      the race(s), failure or breakage of my yacht or any of my equipment
      or weather conditions.

      I have read the regatta invitation and the Sailing Instructions for
      the 2008 CR 914 National Championship Regatta and accept the
      conditions and rules.


      Please make checks payable to MMYC. Mail ENTRY FORM to:

      John Skerry

      26 B Vine St.

      Gloucester, MA 01930

      978 281 7139h, 978 526 7911w

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