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  • farm_chick99
    I dont feel sorry for myself!!! I love cows! No matter how dumb or smelly they are. And I am very thankful that I do live on the farm..... I m one of the most
    Message 1 of 365 , Jan 2, 1999
      I dont feel sorry for myself!!! I love cows! No
      matter how dumb or smelly they are. And I am very
      thankful that I do live on the farm..... I'm one of the
      most fit girls in my class and everyone does give me
      credit for that.... but im in the cow club cuz i want to
      know if other people know about cows other than that
      theyre cool....
    • shrirangc
      LAKSHMI COW SANCTUARY INC.1515 RIDGE ROAD, BANGOR, PA 18013. Phone: (610)-599-8824 Email: sankar1@yahoo.com Website:
      Message 365 of 365 , Feb 1, 2002
        BANGOR,<br>PA 18013. Phone: (610)-599-8824<br>Email:
        <a href=http://www.geocities.com/cow_protection target=new>http://www.geocities.com/cow_protection</a><br><br>Dear Sir,<br><br>I am Dr. Sankar Sastri, retired Dean
        of NYC Technical<br>College of CUNY. After my
        retirement from<br>professional life, I am running a Cow
        Sanctuary in<br>Bangor, Pennsylvania. It is approximately
        70 miles<br>from New York City. The Sanctuary has
        the acreage for<br>30 cows, however, we are only
        housing five cows<br>presently. We would like to save
        many more cows from<br>the slaughterhouse. An eighty
        year old Buddhist monk<br>donated two cows. Swami
        Dayananda Saraswathi has<br>donated a cow and named her
        Bharathi. There are two<br>bull calves named Krishna and
        Nandhi which we would<br>like to make into oxen for use
        on the goshala. The<br>Cow is like a mother to us,
        the mere sight of a cow is<br>considered a good deed
        not only for us but also for<br>our future
        generations to come. It is also an<br>invaluable asset to our
        Society.<br><br>We are looking for help from communities to build
        a<br>modern barn for maximum comfort to the cows. If
        you<br>can be of any assistance to Lord Krishna and
        this<br>goshala, please contact us.<br><br>How you can participate
        in this Project?<br><br>� You can adopt a cow in
        your name<br><br>� Support the project by donation of
        money or your<br>service<br><br>� Come and visit the
        Sanctuary and see the cows<br><br>We are looking forward to
        hearing from you,<br><br>Attached please find a brochure
        of the Sanctuary.<br><br>Sincerely
        Yours,<br><br>(Dr. Sankar Sastri)<br><br>P.S.: Lakshmi Cow Sanctuary
        Inc is a non-profit<br>organization<br>incorporated
        in<br>the state of Pennsylvania.
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