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  • Stefanie Stenberg
    i didn t go to auction, so i m not sure who the mad scientist was. but, i have kids a greenwood elem too. they offer mad science as an after schl activity.
    Message 1 of 8 , Nov 14, 2007
      i didn't go to auction, so i'm not sure who the mad scientist was.  but, i have kids a greenwood elem too.  they offer mad science as an after schl activity.  it is taught by jim birkel.  he's a great guy.  my kids were also able to sign up for it at montessori children's house preschl.  i think it was $72 for approx eight weeks.  maybe we could get him at cowles.

      Gunnink <gunninks5@...> wrote:
      That's a great suggestion Laurie!  Thanks!!  I'll add it to our list of things to do next year.  If anyone else has a suggestion, please send it my way.  I figure 10-15 more years and we'll have this event down pat! 
      I was also very impressed with the Mad Scientists!  Anyone that can keep my kids attention for 2 hours is amazing. 
      I don't have all the totals in yet but we made over $6000 this year, I'm pretty sure.  I don't have the credit card receipts or the people that left early and still need to pay added in.  I will have a final total by next Monday. 
      Thanks to everyone for their participation!  That's what makes Cowles such a great community!

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      Subject: [cowlesmontessori] auction

      Hi everyone,

      I wanted to post a message to say that my kids had a
      great time at the auction on Saturday. I am still
      amazed that my four-year-old sat for two hours in the
      room with the Mad Science experiments! He has a pretty
      good attention span, but still...that amazed me. I
      went in after I realized he'd been there for an hour
      and a half, because I thought he might be flagging,
      but he was still very engaged and wanted to stay to
      the very end.

      I also enjoyed the auction and would love to hear how
      much money was raised, when everything's been added

      The only small suggestion I would make relates to the
      live auction. I have bid for items online at cmarket
      (they organize online auctions for non-profits) , and I
      noticed that once you are above $100, you have to
      increase bidding in increments of $10. Once the
      bidding has gone above $200, you have to increase in
      increments of $20. If the item's worth more than $500,
      you have to outbid someone by at least $50 to place a
      new bid.

      The live auction would move a little faster if bidding
      could go up in larger increments for the big-ticket

      But that is a small point--mainly I just wanted to say
      that it was a fabulous event. Thanks to everyone who
      made it happen, especially Sue Gunnink!



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