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Re: [cowlesmontessori] Re: lost and found

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  • Shari Hrdina
    I talked with Nancy about letting other Cowles families have first dibs on unclaimed items before sending to Goodwill. Here s some things she said: She can
    Message 1 of 7 , Feb 17, 2012
      I talked with Nancy about letting other Cowles families have first dibs on unclaimed items before sending to Goodwill.  Here's some things she said:
      She can send out a message about offering lost items to the parent email list if we organize what's going on and tell her what to send.  She's flexible with the timing.
      There are a lot of mis-match items, like only one mitten, that she thought Goodwill may not take. (Maybe a teacher may want for a  sock-puppet / mitten-puppet show?)  
      Last year it was Charlene who set up items in the upper hallway.
      Not many things were taken during the Sweetheart dance.

      Those interested in helping make this happen can email me at sharihrdina@..., and we can coordinate off-line.


      On Thu, Feb 9, 2012 at 10:32 AM, Carla Ruble <cmruble1@...> wrote:

      I also sent an email suggesting that we let other Cowles families take items they could use like we have in the past. It would be nice if we could lay the items out on tables for Friday evening. I can volunteer to do that. 

      Carla Ruble
      CFO Service

      On Feb 9, 2012, at 10:24 AM, NPack <e_n_pack@...> wrote:


      I also agree, and I think it would be helpful if the lost and found was placed in a different location, such as by the office as it has been in years past. Parents could then walk by and search through it. Where it is now, I forget it's there.


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      >ummm...i agree...I didn't even get an email about the lost & found? the
      >last email I got was about the canned food drive on 2/6??
      >--- In cowlesmontessori@yahoogroups.com, laura belin
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      >&gt; Hello all,
      >&gt; I replied directly to Nancy's e-mail yesterday, but I want to post
      >a message on this list as well to urge Cowles staff to give parents
      >more warning before taking all the lost and found items to Goodwill.
      >The e-mail that went out on Wednesday morning stated that all unclaimed
      >items would be taken to Goodwill on Friday. That's not nearly enough
      >time for parents in my opinion. People who didn't see the e-mail until
      >after work on Wednesday, or perhaps Wednesday evening, would have only
      >one day to get over to the school to comb through the items. That may
      >not be possible for people who have other activities scheduled for
      >&gt; I think it would be more appropriate to give parents at least a
      >week or ten days to get to school and go through the lost and found
      >before hauling unclaimed items to Goodwill. The Sweetheart Dance is
      >coming up and will bring a lot of parents into the building--maybe
      >people will go through lost and found then.
      >&gt; I understand that the overflowing lost and found area is a
      >nuisance, and I would strongly encourage parents to make time to search
      >through it.
      >&gt; Just my two cents,
      >&gt; Laurie

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