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Sunday, January 29 at 4pm: Vocal Music Concert January Jive at Roosevelt

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  • Shari Hrdina
    This message is primarily towards middle school kids (and their families) that are interested in vocal music and plan to attend Roosevelt. It is also for
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    This message is primarily towards middle school kids (and their families) that are interested in vocal music and plan to attend Roosevelt.  
    It is also for anyone who enjoys live vocal music or show choir performances.  
    Please spread the word as you see fit.  Attached is a flyer.


    Each year Roosevelt's show choir has a performance / fundraiser to showcase a couple of their vocal choir groups, and give students who will be going to Roosevelt an idea of what their vocal music program is like, so students may decide to join vocal music when they sign up for classes this spring.

    This year's performance of January Jive is on Sunday, January 29th, at 4pm at the Roosevelt Auditorium.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Cost is $5 per person, and I believe 5th grade and younger is free.  First Merrill and Callanan Middle Schools will perform.  Next is 9th Grade Prep Choir, which is a year long class for Roosevelt Freshman who visualize themselves joining one of the other show choirs in 10th, 11th or 12th grade.  Cowles alumni Claire Guderjahn is in Prep Choir and will be performing.  To finish the program, the Roosevelt Varsity Show Choir will perform.

    Because of Cowles Middle School being new, the Roosevelt vocal music program was not aware to educate Cowles students of what they have to offer.  This is what I want to do now.  My daughter Claire happened to find out about Prep Choir just prior to school start through other friends of hers that were going to Roosevelt.  Unfortunately another Cowles alumni missed the opportunity because they didn't know of its existence until mid-year.

    Roosevelt has a first class vocal music program.  As long as the number of participants stays up, Roosevelt will be able to retain both of their highly qualified music directors, James McNear and Rebecca Hadley.  Here's a summary of some of their class offerings.
    * Prep Choir - This is intended for freshmen who would like to continue in other vocal choir groups throughout their high school career.  They hold auditions in the spring time at the middle schools for students who would like to join.  Of course they have not come to Cowles in the past, and I don't know how they will handle auditions for Cowles students.  Do not be intimidated by the audition process if you feel you do not have strong singing skills.  I think that being willing to be out there to perform and willing to improve your skills are more important.
    * Vision Choir - This is for 9th-12th graders who would like to experience vocal choir but do not intend to be involved beyond this class.  No audition is required.
    * For the remaining choirs, there are auditions.  And there may be another choir or two, but I don't know what they are.
    * Varsity Show Choir - This is a show choir that competes and also incorporates dance movement along with the singing.  This is usually comprised of seniors and juniors.  Sophomores may also audition, however they are less likely to get in due to less experience and more competition.
    * Bridges to Harmony - This group sings more gospels and soul music.
    * Spectrum - Sings a variety of music.
    * Roosevelt also offers a variety of other music classes, such as music composition.  You do not need to know how to play an instrument to take this class, as they have state of the art computers to generate the sound.

    So come on out on Sunday the 29th to enjoy January Jive.  Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more about our experience.  


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