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Baby Bear at Merle Hay Mall

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  • Kristie Burns, MH, ND
    Dear Parents, I wanted to share this with you all so you don t miss out on the opportunity. Sofi (a student at Cowles) helps me out at the Wildlife Center
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 9, 2011
      Dear Parents,

      I wanted to share this with you all so you don't miss out on the opportunity. Sofi (a student at Cowles) helps me out at the Wildlife Center sometimes. You can also see my private photos of our trip down to Oklahoma to get the baby bear at:



      Meet our New Baby Bear - Here for a Limited Engagement
      March 9, 2011
      RRWECLogo 3
      Preview of Upcoming Attractions


      Have you ever seen a cat swim under water and catch fish or climb up and down ropes? This South American Geoffroy's Kitten can do all those things and more. She will be available for visits starting on March 15th.

      Visit Us
      Merle Hay Mall: Upper Level
      Near Payless Shoes
      Animal Ambassadors
      Watch Buddy the Cougar do his training - every day at 2:30pm
      Thumper & Flower the Skunks
      Corny the Corn Snake
      Fergie the Black-Footed Ferret
      Keona the Arctic Wolf
      Bridger/ Lola the Timber Wolves
      Baby Bear
      Geoffroy's Kitten

      Hours of Operation
      Mall Hours
      Usually 10am - 9pm Weekdays
      12pm-5:30pm Sundays
      Unless otherwise posted:
      Wildlife Fillms Available All Day
      10:00am Bear Feeding
      12:00pm Bear Feeding

      1:00pm Interactive Hands-on Wildlife 2:00pm Bear Feeding
      2:30pm Buddy the Cougar TRAINING
      4:00 Bear Feeding
      5:00pm Interactive Hands-on Wildlife
      6:00 Bear Feeding
      7:00pm Interactive Hands-on Wildlife
      8:00 Bear Feeding 
      Read About Us
      See Us on TV
      WHO-TV News

      Send Your
      Tax Deductible Donations to:  
      Pella Wildlife Company
                                                                   1203 Columbus St.
                                                                    Pella, IA. 5021

      Snuggle a LIVE Teddy Bear!
      Dear Wildlife Friend,

      As a child did you ever wish your Teddy Bear would come to life so you could play with it? Now it has and it is visiting us at The Red Rock Wildlife Education Center at Merle Hay Mall. This three pound sweet baby girl will be with us for a short time only so come see her soon. For only $10.00 you can get your photo taken with the baby bear and for only $25.00 you can reserve a slot to feed the baby bear (slots are limited to her feeding times so please e-mail ahead if you want to guarantee a time).

      We look forward to seeing you again soon and we thank you for your continued support!

      - Red Rock Wildlife Education Center


      Feed a Baby Bear 


      Would you like to give your child the memory of a life-time? Do you need a unique gift for the person who has everything? Make a tax-deductable donation of only $25.00 to the Red Rock Wildlife Education Center and we will gift you with a feeding slot with our adorable 4-week old baby bear & a photo to remember your experience. If you want to purchase a feeding slot as a gift please come into the wildlife center to purchase a gift certificate. Please reserve your slot ahead of time as we have limited feeding slots available and "baby" will be visiting us for only a short time. Reserve slots by e-mailing Ron at: ron@... .

      Portrait with a Baby Bear

      BabybearsmallerPICNEW 2

      Your tax-deductable donation of only $10.00 contributes to the welfare of our baby bear. With your donation you will receive a picture of yourself with baby and most likely a bear kiss as well ;)

      Name the Baby Bear

      Hurry to Merle Hay Mall to name our baby bear. The winner receives a $25.00 gift certificate to Merle Hay Mall!

      Remember - all of your donations help feed and house our wildlife and help us reach our goal of purchasing land near Red Rock for Iowa's first drive-through wildlife park.



      Tel: (312) 213-7975

      Email: Newsletter@ PellaWildlifeCompany.org

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