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Re: [cowlesmontessori] Buddy the Cougar says hello to Cowles again :)

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    Kristie, Please keep me on the newsletter email list. Happy New Year! Carla Ruble Partner CFO Services 515-770-5163 ... From: Kristie Burns, MH, ND
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      Please keep me on the newsletter email list.
      Happy New Year!

      Carla Ruble
      CFO Services

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      Subject: [cowlesmontessori] Buddy the Cougar says hello to Cowles again :)


      Thanks to a mama on this list who sent out information after Buddy visited Cowles!

      I jumped on the chance to volunteer at the Red Rock Wildlife Education Center after that message. I am now helping them with their newsletter and training to be a cougar handler ;) If any of your kids would like to visit Buddy again or some of our other animals please read the newsletter below. This is the first newsletter so I am just sending it here to let you all know what is happening and also to let you know that if you want to be on the e-mail list just let me know. I won't send any more e-mails to this list about it. I just wanted to let everyone here know because I know the kids loved the cougar visit. Some Cowles kids have come into the center already to see Buddy again.

      Send me your e-mail address to: kristie.burns@.... This newsletter will help you keep up to date on our schedule and what new animals we bring in. Rumor has it that a bottle-fed baby bear may be coming soon :)

      If you have trouble viewing the newsletter below you can also see it online at: https://app.verticalresponse.com/app/emails/email/view/1458008737#view_as_html

      Grand Opening January, 2011
      December 31, 2010
      RRWECLogo 3
      Visit Us
      Merle Hay Mall
      Upper Level
      Near Payless Shoes
      Animal Ambassadors
      Buddy the Cougar
      Kiona the Arctic Wolf
      Bridger/ Lola the Timber Wolves
      Special Guests
      Second Weekend in January
      Thumper the Skunk
      Kit the "silver" Red Fox
      Red the Red Fox
      Hours of Operation
      Mall Hours
      Usually 10am - 9pm Weekdays
      10am-6pm Sundays
      Unless otherwise posted:
      12:30pm Film Showing
      1:00pm Buddy the Cougar
      1:30pm Kiona the Wolf
      2:30pm Film Showing
      3:00pm Buddy the Cougar
      3:30pm Kiona the Wolf
      4:30 Film Showing
      5:00pm Buddy the Cougar
      5:30pm Kiona the Wolf
      6:30 Film Showing
      7:00pm Buddy the Cougar
      7:30pm Kiona the Wolf
      Read About Us
      Send Your
      Tax Deductible Donations to:  
      Pella Wildlife Company
                                                                  1203 Columbus St.
                                                                   Pella, IA. 5021
      Grand Opening January, 2011!
      Dear Friend,
      cougarpicture We invite you to come to our Grand Opening at the Merle Hay Mall during the month of January and bring your friends. Our January programs will feature Buddy the Cougar and Kiona the Wolf. We will also be welcoming special guests during the second weekend in January - Kit and Red the Red Foxes and Thumper the Skunk.

      Link to our website

      T-Shirts are Back in Stock!

      Due to popular demand our Red Rock Wildlife T-shirts are back in stock. We are also featuring a new selection of Mountain T-shirts with wolf artwork.

      $10.00 Donation - Red Rock Wildlife T-Shirt

      $15.00 Donation - Mountain 'Wolf" T-Shirt (Retails for $24.00)

      We also have art prints and a limited number of board games in stock.

      Remember - all of your donations help feed and house our wildlife and help us reach our goal of purchasing land near Red Rock for Iowa's first drive-through wildlife park.



      Tel: (312) 213-7975

      Email: Newsletter@...

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