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  • suzannepopson
    Hi Everyone! I m sure you heard from your kids about a recent visit to the school by Pella Wildlife Company. This is a terrific organization dedicated to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 11, 2010

      Hi Everyone!
      I'm sure you heard from your kids about a recent visit to the school by Pella Wildlife Company.  This is a terrific organization dedicated to wildlife education in Iowa and preserving our natural resources and ecosystems.

      I promised Ron (Founder)- the gentleman who brought the wolf and cougar cubs to school to meet the kids- that I would pass this call to action for volunteers along once he had it ready to go.  They will have an office at MERLE HAY MALL this Fall and into next year.  Its a great chance to make a difference and i believe the volunteer opportunities are available for kids as well! :)   The kids were sooo excited by this visit and of course its an amazing cause to lend Cowles voices to.

      Thanks!  Contact info for Ron is below!  Hope to see some of  you at the Pella Wildlife Office at Merle Hay Mall! :)

      Pella Wildlife Company is pleased to announce that the Red Rock Wildlife Education Center will open for a limited engagement at Merle Hay Mall Friday Nov. 11th through 2011, the facility is on the upper level at center court by the bridge. The Red Rock Wildlife Education Center is our education base that is committed to Education - Inspiration - Motivation. This is a limited engagement to answer the question Are we failing to Communicate? As a member of the IUCN CEC we have created video that addresses that question. Go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvIdwOEzreM and view the video. This will be our mission while at the Mall. You may wonder - Why Merle Hay Mall? - the simple answer is 7 million people go through the doors of the mall in a year. In an age where convenience is most important, taking time out of a busy day to learn about wildlife conservation issues does not fit into the schedule, however shopping is a event most if not all enjoy. We are making it convenient to stop by and experience something out of the ordinary while at the mall. We will open with the exhibit Unbroken - Survival, Instinct, and Spirit of the Wolf. This is a multi media event that will have video, power point, and three wildlife ambassadors on exhibit 2 - Great Plains Timber Wolves and our Arctic Wolf. We will also have a special guest as we have a 7 week old cougar kitten that is starting behavior management and enrichment programs.


      This is a call for volunteers - Volunteers will greet visitors, collect donations, crowd control, answer basic questions, light administrative work, internet social networking, fundraising, assist with multi media presentations, and be trained in contingency plans for the facility. Volunteers will also be offered the opportunity to advance to volunteer staff (basic wildlife welfare, basic wildlife education) and then professional staff (paid wildlife welfare and wildlife education) We will start with a volunteer staff of 12. Our hours of operation are 8:00 am - 9:00 pm with maintenance hours on holidays. If you would like to volunteer email the days and hours you would be available. We will have two training sessions to choose from Friday morning at 9:00 am and Saturday morning at 9:00 am. If one of these times will not work let me know when you would be available. If you have any questions email or call.


      Thank You for your consideration and support.




      Ron DeArmond


      Pella Wildlife Company

      www.pellawildlifecompany.org <http://www.pellawildlifecompany.org/>  <http://www.pellawildlifecompany.org>

      www.redrockwildlife.org <http://www.redrockwildlife.org/>  <http://www.redrockwildlife.org>



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