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CMPG Minutes 11-2-09

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  • mahoneykricket
    Cowles Montessori Parent Group Meeting, 11/2/09 Attendance Amy Sheeler Lesa Gardner Nan Kloberdanz Trish Karsjens Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn Carmen Bussard
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      Cowles Montessori Parent Group Meeting, 11/2/09

      Amy Sheeler Lesa Gardner
      Nan Kloberdanz Trish Karsjens
      Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn Carmen Bussard
      Kathy Mahoney Heather Anderson
      Jaime Adams Jillian Shoemaker
      Shari Hrdina Deb Van Latenstein
      Laurie Clinton Julie Good
      Jenni Pfantz Melissa Winters
      Mac Stanfield Carla Ruble
      Trish Karsjens Amy Moore
      Jeri Kemple Kristen Mahoney
      Jennifer Gelner
      Call to Order
      The meeting was called to order at 6:06 pm
      All in attendance gave their names and the names of their child(ren) at Cowles. They also gave the way they heard of Cowles
      Principal's Report
      Thanks so much for the meal CMPG and other Cowles parents provided the teachers during conferences. It was a big hit on a long day and they had so much left over they had lunch the next day as well.
      KCCI-TV was out and filmed the new playground structure funded by their Main Street grant.
      Last Friday's Healthy Harvest Day was a big hit. The students learned about the workings of their hearts and got to listen to them, Hy-Vee donated healthy fruit for a snack and students `exercised' in a bounce house. Thanks to all who helped organize this timely event.
      Younkers coupon books for the Nov. 14th Community are on sale in the office. They cost $5, all of which remains with Cowles. Inside is a $10 off coupon off a purchase of $10 or more and numerous percent off coupons.
      The Cowles car decals are also on sale in the office. They cost $12 with almost half of that cost remaining CMPG.
      Seasonal illness has started to hit Cowles. The staff is encouraging hand washing and sanitizing. Also the custodial crew is diligently cleaning and disinfecting the school and common surfaces.
      The Winter Wear drive is continuing to accept donations. Please bring in used coats, hats, snowpants and other winter gear. It will be organized into sizes for `shopping' on Wednesday, November 11th. Any leftovers will be donated to local charities.
      The Chili Supper Auction has been re-scheduled to Saturday Jan. 23rd from 5-8 p.m.
      Treasurer's Report
      November 2, 2009

      CMPG Unallocated 695.94
      CMPG Expenses 566.80
      Field Trips 211.38
      BOB Books for 2009/2010 347.52
      Materials-Amy 152.34
      Pieces - Amy 500.00
      Middle School Clinics 50.00
      School Supplies 9,804.36
      Professional Development 1,136.31

      Funding Request
      Treasurer Carla Ruble requested $750 to cover the filing fee for CMPG's non-profit status. The motion was seconded and passed. This filing will continue CMPG's on-going project to have its own official non-profit status.
      Old Business
      The 6th through 8th grade Harvest Dance was a big success. The 8th graders did a great job of decorating and playing hosts and hostesses and cleaning up after.
      New Business
      We are in need of a Family Social Committee and Chair. Anyone interested in the committee should contact Trish Karsjens at trishkarsjens@.... Also, those who signed up for the After-School Activity Scholarship Guideline Committee please contact Trish as well.
      Fund Raising Activities
      The fall book sale is November 16th through the 23rd.
      Principal Amy Moore proposed a new fundraising activity aimed at raising funds for new playground equipment. We will be selling engraved bricks that can be used to pave the walkway into the playground near the library trailer or they can be taken for your own home use. The bricks will be $50 with almost half the funds staying with Cowles. More details will be coming from Mrs. Moore in the near future.

      Important Dates
      School Board meetings are Nov. 3rd and 17th
      There is an early out this Wednesday Nov. 11th.
      Parent Education night is Nov. 11th from 6-7 pm. This time it will focus on the materials used in Montessori education. Childcare will be provided.
      Report Cards go out Nov. 25th
      No classes and district offices closed Nov. 26th and 27th.
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