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CMPG Minutes 1/4/10

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  • mahoneykricket
    Cowles Montessori Parent Group Meeting, 1/4/10 Attendance Amy Sheeler Paige Davies Kristi Myers Jennifer Gelner Trish Karsjens Suzanne Popson Kristen
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2010
      Cowles Montessori Parent Group Meeting, 1/4/10

      Amy Sheeler Paige Davies
      Kristi Myers Jennifer Gelner
      Trish Karsjens Suzanne Popson
      Kristen Mahoney Jenni Pfantz
      Lori Belin Melissa Winters
      Sue Gunnink Lesa Gardner
      Carla Ruble Amy Moore
      Jeri Kemple Susan Tallman (DMPS NW Region K-8 Director)
      Call to Order
      The meeting was called to order at 6:05 pm
      Fund Raising Activities
      Chili Supper and Auction is Jan. 23rd from 5-8 pm. This is our main fundraising activity. Please consider donating an item, making chili or a side dish, volunteer before, during or after the event to help make it successful.
      Donations can be small as we can bundle with other items or sell on a kid's silent auction. They can also be a service such as lawn care, babysitting or handyman service. Donation forms are on the Cowles website.
      During the event we will offer either the Mad Scientist or a movie as entertainment for the kids. You MUST pre-register to participate in either of these. The Mad Scientist is $13 per child and the movie is $3. The registration forms are available on the Cowles website.
      To volunteer please notify Amy Moore or contact Sue Gunnink at gunnink5@.... Please plan to participate in this great event. Friends and extended family are welcome.

      Principal's Report
      Cowles now has an ID number related to the Target card. If you use your card and give them ID number 51277, Cowles will receive 1% of your purchase. Also if you use the Best Buy Reward Zone, you can donate your points to Cowles. Just mention that at the time of purchase when you are at Best Buy and are signed up for their Reward program.
      The Cowles website has had a few updates. The interactive calendar is in place and updated weekly. Also there is a new section titled "New to Cowles" which contains a lot of information and frequently asked questions.
      Parent Education night is Tuesday Jan. 19th from 5:30-7:30. There will be a DVD presenting the findings of the book "The Science Behind the Genius" of Montessori education. The DVD is about 90 minutes and then time for 30 minutes of discussion. Childcare will be provided.
      For professional development the staff is working on a word study and also ways to incorporate math computation and problem solving into the Montessori method of teaching.
      More information on the supply drive for a school in Afghanistan coming soon.
      Treasurer's Report
      Unallocated 3727.00 (3521.09 from bookfair)
      Auction -270.00 (pre-pay for Mad Scientist)
      CMPG Expenses 566.80
      Field Trip -300.00 (to be paid from auction proceeds)
      Greenhouse 492.98
      Library (BOB books) 405.45
      Materials 46.35
      Middle School 50.00
      School Supplies 8921.33
      Playground fundraiser 1195.00 (will re-open the brick sale this Spring, probably in March)

      Funding Request
      No new requests
      Old Business
      Nothing discussed
      New Business
      Cowles will hold a Sweetheart Dance on Friday, February 12th. Pre K-3rd grade will be 6-7 pm, 4th and up from 7:30-9:30. The idea of the dance is a significant adult-child event, there must be an adult present for a child to enter. Jolesh Photography will be there to take photos. We will need help taking money at the door, decorating, music and treat table. Please contact Trish Karsjens to head this up or help out.
      Reminder: Parent Colleen Kinney is working on a special Dental event around Valentine's Day similar to the Healthy Harvest this past Fall. If you have ideas or would like to volunteer contact Colleen at mcfet6@...

      Important Dates
      No School Monday January 18th.
      Chili Supper and Auction is Saturday, Jan. 23rd. Much more info is coming home with your child. You can also contact Sue Gunnink at gunninks5@...
      The next CMPG Meeting is Monday Feb. 1st 6-7 pm..
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