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CMPG Meeting Minutes

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  • Lori Emison Clair
    CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, April 6th, 2009 Meeting Minutes Attendance Lori Emison Clair Adam Egherman Lora Fraracci Jennifer Gelner Shari Hrdina Trish Karsjens
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      CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, April 6th, 2009
      Meeting Minutes


      Lori Emison Clair
      Adam Egherman
      Lora Fraracci
      Jennifer Gelner
      Shari Hrdina
      Trish Karsjens
      Jeri Kemple
      Sandee Lyons
      Kristen Mahoney
      Ed Moody
      Sarah Nevins
      Suzanne Popson
      Carla Ruble
      Kathy Schneider
      Rita Schneider
      Amy Sheeler

      Call to order
      Kathy Schneider, CMPG President, called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.
      Approval of minutes from March 2009 meeting

      Principal's Report (given by Jennifer Gelner)

      • There were three committees formed before Amy left on Maternity leave: Moving Up Ceremony, Reading Celebration week (May11th-15th) which will also include book exchange, and Montessori Birthday Celebration in the fall. There was some discussion that in the past the parents have done the book swap. Adam Egherman felt (although not on the committee) that if the parents wanted to do it they should go ahead and the teachers would not mind handing it over.
      • Pictures days are this week. April 8th will be 1-3 grades and April 9th will be pre-K, Kindergarten, and 4-8 grades.
      • ITBS testing is well underway with the last two classes to finish this week.
      • Field Day will be May 22 with a rain day of May 29th. If those days are both rainy there will be no field day. Parent volunteers are needed!
      • Amy sends her thanks to CMPG for allocating money for the new materials for teachers. All orders have been placed and teachers will begin to receive their materials this week.

      Old Business

      The Nominating Committee presented this year's slate of officers and opened the floor for nominations. There were no additional nominations. The slate was approved by unanimous vote as submitted.

      President: Trish Karsjens
      Vice President: Jeri Kemple
      Secretary: Kristen Mahoney
      Treasurer: Carla Ruble

      Treasurer's Report Carla Ruble provided an updated balance sheet:

      CMPG Unallocated 5,638.50
      CMPG Expenses 566.80
      Field trip 1,220
      Ecology Day 200
      Materials Supplies - Amy 4,671.53
      Pieces 500
      Mid school clinics 50.00
      School Supplies 3,378.81
      Yearbook Fund (650.00)
      Social Committee
      Professional Development 1,022.82

      Totals 16,598.46

      A Funding request was received and approved for the following item:

      Sandee Lyons requested that CMPG support the purchase of next year's BoB's Books. The estimated cost is $500.

      New Business:

      Rita Schneider is working to plan the Parent Education nights for next year. She handed out a draft list of possible topics. She opened the floor for input and will be submitting a final survey to parents to select topics, and input regarding scheduling.

      Adam Egherman announced that the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students are working on producing a play at Windsor Auditorium. Phantom Tollbooth will be showing on May 7th and 8th. The ticket price has not yet been set. This production is a fundraiser to support the youth participation in an over night at Spring Brook Environment Camp.

      Rita Schneider noted that the Montessori consultant advised them that there are number of large pieces of equipment needed for the upper elementary/middle school classes, and she plans to talk with Amy Moore about submitting a funding request to CMPG - with the specifics next month.

      Jennifer Gelner is requesting parent volunteers for the Ecology Day on April 22nd.

      Sandee Lyons lead the group in a round of applause in appreciation of the outgoing CMPG Officers.

      Kathy Schneider began a discussion of how CMPG wanted to celebrate teacher appreciation day this year. There were numerous suggestions from catered lunch, home cooked lunch, massages, to a more permanent gift such as a coffee machine or comfy chair for teacher lounge. Jerri Kemple agree to do some research into a catered lunch and possiblly some chair massages. Donations will be solicited from parents to cover the cost. Anyone willing to help should contact Jerri Kemple.

      Our next CMPG meeting will be held on Monday, May 4th at 6 pm.

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