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CMPG Minutes

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  • Lori Emison Clair
    CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, February 2nd, 2009 Meeting Minutes Attendance Amber Ancona Lori Emison Clair Lora Fraracci Amy Graber Jeri Kemple Sandee Lyons Amy
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      CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, February 2nd, 2009
      Meeting Minutes


      Amber Ancona
      Lori Emison Clair
      Lora Fraracci
      Amy Graber
      Jeri Kemple
      Sandee Lyons
      Amy Moore
      Sarah Nevins
      Kel Pradovich
      Carla Ruble
      Kathy Schneider
      Amy Sheeler
      Stephanie Young
      Lori Whitehead
      Andrea Wright

      Call to order
      Kathy Schneider, CMPG President, called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.

      Administrator's Report

      • Amy brought samples of the newly designed Cowles Montessori
      Brochure. It will be printed soon and available for distribution. She
      is also working on creating a poster, with the same information, for
      display at events.
      • The faculty will be enjoying a few Montessori Training opportunities
      in the next few months. Specifically Judy Bauerline, a respected
      Montessori Educator has been scheduled for a three day visit after
      Spring Break. One day she will spend observing the teachers and
      students, one day she will be meeting with teachers and the final
      afternoon she will provide an all staff in-service on an early out
      day. In addition, on Feb 23rd one faculty from each level will be
      traveling to Omaha to observe another Montessori Program in action.
      • Materials: The teachers have submitted their request for broken and
      missing pieces. Amy has informed the teachers that they each have
      $300 to spend on new materials and the teachers were both excited and
      appreciative to CMPG.
      • Amy reports that it is with great sadness that she reports Mrs.
      Darcy will not be returning to Cowles after the summer. Amy is
      beginning the process of finding her replacement.
      • Amy is considering changing photo companies, leaving life touch and
      selecting a more local company, Jolesch Photography. The benefits to
      this new company include: generally comparable packages with the
      benefit of a few low cost options. One package is as low as $5.00.They
      would attend 10 events through out the school year to take pictures
      for the yearbook, they will take photos at one event for a fundraiser
      (for us) each year allowing us to set prices and receive benefit from
      sale of pictures, Middle School students can get IDs for riding the
      bus. It was discussed that school pictures are in and of themselves
      generally a fundraiser for the school with the school receiving
      approximately 20% each time pictures are sold.
      • Sue Gunnink is looking for support in implementing the school
      supplies program. She would like to have one volunteer for each of the
      three levels (Pre-K, Lower, Upper and Middle) to receive requests from
      teachers and make purchases. Carla will still process the funds in
      her role as Treasurer. Jill Bunkers and Jeri Kemple have agreed to
      assist but one more volunteer is needed. It is anticipated that order
      will only be made one time per month and supplies purchased at Target
      or other local stores.
      • A Parent Education meeting will be on February 10th at 6:00 pm, Rita
      Schneider will be the lead. The topic is: The Relationship Between a
      Child's Work Now, and Their Future Career. Childcare will be available.

      Treasurer's Report Carla Ruble provided an updated balance sheet:

      CMPG Unallocated 7,327.647
      CMPG Expenses 566.80
      Auction-2008 0
      Field trip 1,220
      Ecology Day 200
      Materials Supplies 6,000
      Pieces 500
      Mid school clinics 50.00
      School Supplies 4,023.66
      Yearbook Fund 0.00
      Social Committee 150.00
      Professional Development 1,022.82

      Totals 21,060.92

      Funding requests were received and approved for the following item:

      Prepayment for the Yearbook for a total of $660.

      Old Business:

      Kathy Schneider called for the formation of a Nominating Committee.
      Jeri Kemple and Lora Fraracci will be members. They will bring a
      slate of candidates to the next CMPG Meeting.

      Lora Fraracci report on the Social Committee:
      A.) Feb 13th Valentines Dance. She is looking for music/ CD
      donations, which will be returned to the owner at the end of the
      evening. It was agreed a nominal admission would be charged, as well
      as a charge for the pictures. The goal being not to have this as
      fundraiser but rather a self supported program.
      B.) Feb 27th 6:30-9:30 Cowles Roller Skating event at Skate North 5621
      Meredith Drive. $8.00 for pizza and skating and all you can eat pizza
      and soda, $3.00 for skate rental, $5.00 for non skating
      parents/chaperone to get pizza and soda. This is not an official DMPS
      or CMPG event, but we will notify families of the opportunity.
      C.) Coming soon….Sleepy Hollow snow tubing event. Details to follow.

      Our next CMPG meeting will be held on Monday, March 2nd at 6 pm.

      The meeting was adjourned at 7:00
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