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CMPG meeting Minutes

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  • Lori Emison Clair
    CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, November 3, 2008 Meeting Minutes Attendance Jaime Adams Lisa Akers Amber Ancona Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn Cosette Boone Lori Emison
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      CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, November 3, 2008
      Meeting Minutes


      Jaime Adams
      Lisa Akers
      Amber Ancona
      Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn
      Cosette Boone
      Lori Emison Clair
      Lora Fraracci
      Jennifer Gelner
      Susan Gunnink
      Shari Hrdina
      Trish Karsjens
      Nan Kloberdanz
      Amy Moore
      Sarah Nevins
      Suzanne Popson
      Kel Pradovich
      Carla Ruble
      Mary Scarcello
      Kathy Schneider
      Amy Sheeler
      Susan Tallman
      Darcy Wold
      Andrea Wright

      Call to order
      Kathy Schneider, CMPG President, called the meeting to order at 6:05 p.m.

      Minutes of October 8, 2008 CMPG Meeting were reviewed and corrections

      Administrator's Report

      • The cement sidewalk is complete and in use. A big thank you to the
      Belin Foundation, the District and to CMPG for contributing to its
      • November 11th Parent Education meetings will be on Disciplining with
      Love. Darcy Wold and Rita Schneider will be facilitating. Materials
      will be demonstrated as part of the evening's program.
      • Dr. Sebring has agreed to visit one of our CMPG Meeting and will be
      joining us on December 8th at 6 pm. Location to be announced,
      additional childcare will be provided. A short CMPG business meeting
      will be held immediately following Dr. Sebring's visit. Please note
      new time for CMPG meeting as Dec 1st will be the Schools Winter Concert.
      • Cowles will be participating in the Younkers Community days'
      fundraiser November 15th. Coupon books will be for sale for $5.00
      each. There is no cost for this fundraiser for the school and we
      maintain all the profits. We have 300 coupon books for purchase and
      they will be located in the office.
      • November 24th we will be participating in the Barnes and Noble Book
      fair. Cowles CMPG will receive 10% of all sales when you mention
      Cowles when checking out. This will be in effect all day on the 24th.
      • Cowles wants to sponsor at Korean Intern. This is an international
      teacher exchange program that will provide a Full time teacher at no
      cost to the school. Housing must be provided and volunteers are needed
      to provide housing for between a month and two months each. Please
      contact Amy Moore if you would be willing to serve as a host.
      • Rita Schneider is looking for volunteers to help with materials
      making. She will provide training. A volunteer sign up sheet was
      passed around and others can help out by contacting Rita directly.
      • Trunk or Treat and Middle School Dance were a big success. Please
      see yahoo group for pictures of the event. A big thank you to Lora
      Fraracci for coordinating.

      Treasurer's Report Carla Ruble provided an updated balance sheet:

      CMPG Unallocated 4,364.60
      CMPG Expenses 566.80
      Teacher Materials (fr auction) 0.00
      Collage 0.00
      Field trips 0.00
      Pumpkin Patch parents $ (15.00)
      Library 0.00
      New Classroom 0.00
      Training Center 0.00
      Mid school clinics 50.00
      School Supplies 6,483.92
      Yearbook Fund 0.00
      Social Committee 0.00
      Professional Development 1,672.82
      Pennies for Peace 841.79
      Totals 13,964.93

      CMPG Bylaws Amendment In order to comply with the requirements for our
      IRS nonprofit status application Kathy Schneider proposed we readopt
      and amend our bylaws to accept the IRS standard conflict of interest
      policy, and to add language regarding CMPG not allowing family members
      to serve simultaneously on the executive committee. This was voted on
      and approved unanimously.

      Auction/Chili Supper Fundraiser The chili supper will be held on
      Saturday, November 8th. This is our largest fundraiser, having risen
      over $8,000 last year. All families are encouraged to attend. It
      will be held at Des Moines University's Medical Education Center at
      3200 Grand Ave. It is a social event as well as a fundraiser

      For kids activities Mad Science will be returning as well as movies
      and kids crafts. Parents must to RSVP their children, so that we can
      have enough hired babysitters to ensure a safe environment will be

      It was confirmed there will be vegetarian and vegan options available,
      and people are encouraged to bring a dish to share if they have
      special dietary needs. The tradition of the bake sale will continue
      this year, and people are encouraged to bring items to donate.

      Volunteers of all talents are needed. Sue Gunninks has set up an
      e-mail to assist in coordinating donations and volunteers. She can be
      reached at cowlesauction@...

      Save the dates: We will be having a scholastic Book fair November 17-24.

      Funding requests were received and approved for the following item:

      Lora Fraracci requested reimbursement for approximately $60.00, in
      addition to the $100 already allocated, for the Trunk or Treat and
      Middle School Dance. Allocation was approved.

      Lora Fraracci has agreed to lead a new Gardening committee and will
      coordinate with the Des Moines Parks and Rec. to obtain free annuals.

      Amy Moore briefly discussed the new Supreme Court decision which
      prevents schools from asking parents to cover the costs of school
      field trips. Information will be obtained about if CMPG can assist
      with these costs in the future.

      Meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm.

      Next CMPG meeting will be Monday, December 8th, 2008 at 6 pm.
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