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  • Ann and Oscar Porras
    Jessica, I don t have anything to send you at the moment (pictures, names, etc.), but just wanted to thank you for your work on this!! It is great! Ann On
    Message 1 of 2 , May 9 8:14 AM
      I don't have anything to send you at the moment (pictures, names, etc.), but just wanted to thank you for your work on this!!  It is great!

      On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 8:15 AM, Jessica Bottenfield_Biehn <iowaprodoula@...> wrote:

      Nothing major! Just a few tweaks. First, does anyone have any photos
      of Cowles events that aren't in our photo album? I lifted one of
      Sandee's pics to put on our homepage and included the Cowles website
      now too. Does anyone have a picture of the front of the School? Or
      could someone remember to take one in the coming days when they might
      be at school with a camera for Peace Day, Track & Field Day, etc.?

      Second, I get requests to approve folks that say they
      are "interested" in DMPS Montessori frequently. I try to send them a
      nice message about contacting Cowles for more information, but I
      don't approve a request unless the parent has a currently enrolled
      student at Cowles. I made an exception for 2 families that will have
      preschool children here in the fall. Also several teachers have let
      me know that the DMPS server won't support a yahoogroup request, so I
      hope they consider joining from an alternate email address. =)

      Third, Does anyone know of any friends and Cowles families that
      aren't on here yet? I know there are many! Please check your address
      book and see if there is anyone that needs to get connected. It's not
      spam, we would just direct them to the link or send them an invite.
      The more folks we have on here, the better this online communication
      tool will be. It is not high volume and you have many options for
      email delivery. It will be nice to have over the summer!
      Also, I am planning on including information about Cowles Montessori
      yahoogroup in the flyer that the CMPG plans to include in the
      registration packets this fall.
      That's all,
      Jessica B-B

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