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52Re: [cowlesmontessori] Re: Fundraiser IDEA

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  • Kristie Karima Burns, MH, ND
    Nov 15, 2007
      Wow the earth day idea is great too. I would love to have a bag with some art on it, a lot better than all the logos I carry around (even though they are businesses I want to support)! That sounds great! It sounds like the time must be right for this idea....as a side note too - we can make more money ordering them on our own. I LOVE Cafepress but they take a really large cut of the money and unless we had large ongoing orders we would not make much. Perhaps we could take pre-orders and then we would not end up ordering too many, at least?
      Blessings & Health,
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      From: hnschebel
      Date: 11/15/2007 10:39:34 AM
      Subject: [cowlesmontessori] Re: Fundraiser IDEA

      I proposed the same idea to Sue Gunnick over email about 6 weeks
      ago. In fact my email to her was so similar to yours, I thought
      maybe she was putting it out for me now that the Auction is over!
      Great minds and all that sort of thing...

      Anyway, I think (obviously) it is a great idea and I would love to
      help organize something. I was thinking that we could have the kids
      create Earth Day related art and we could pick the winning art and
      put it on a bag that we sell for Earth Day.

      I found a website that makes bulk orders for anywhere from $3/bag
      down to $1.75/bag depending on how many you order, so we could
      compare that to cafepress, which I have used before so I know they
      are reputable.

      --- In cowlesmontessori@ yahoogroups. com, "herbnhome" <herbnhome@. ..>

      > Perhaps this is coming too soon after the auction (GREAT job by the
      > way!) but I had this great idea and I wanted to share it with
      > I have been collecting canvans bags to use when I shop (so I don't
      > to waste the plastic ones) and I always like to buy them from
      > I enjoy.
      > So...since we are all supporting the environment at Cowles - why
      > we do something above and beyond collecting plastic bags for the
      > environment? Why don't we show everyone how committed we are and
      > some money for the school as well. The kids (or someone) could
      create a
      > logo for canvas bags to be sold at Cowles (or other material), they
      > could be produced (not very expensive - I have a brochure from a
      > I use for other things) and then the bags could be sold to parents
      > friends at a higher cost (like everyone else does - the other day I
      > bought a bag for 22$!!!!)
      > Just an idea...
      > Blessings & Health,
      > Kristie
      > www.thedreamangelsl imo.com <http://www.thedream angelslimo. com>

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