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295Re: [cowlesmontessori] Picture Day

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  • Judy Diedrichs
    Sep 26, 2011
      The previous photographer was LifeTouch and they were more expensive. I'm all for looking for someone local as well.  It may be a district wide contract though.  Definitely a question Liz can answer.
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      I agree - I'd much rather our money go to a local photographer; it would really align with much of our school's philosophy. Unfortunately, if Herff Jones is like the other big school picture companies, I think you'll find that the school makes a lot of money off of picture sales (why else would all of the schools start doing TWO picture days a year) and no local photographer can compete with that.
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      I know of a terrific local photog who does schools in some surrounding towns and she is much less expensive with better quality. Perhaps good conversation at next cmpg mtg? I totally agree.
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      Amy Moore changed who took school pictures about 3 yrs ago. Not sure if it was her decision as it seems all of Des Moines Public is using Herff-Jones/Jolesch. The former vendor, if I remember, was even more expensive.


      Jaci <jacqualine_laferriere@...> wrote:

      >I was trying to figure out which package to get for picture day, and I wanted it to be the same as the one I got for my daughter who goes to Western Hills. As I was looking I discovered that they are charging Cowles parents more money and giving less pictures. They are both the same Heff Jones, Inc, but I'm not sure if it is the exact same photographers. I'm thinking of not even getting any since I can go to target or jcpenney and get $3.99 a sheet. Who decides on the photographer and/or price? Is the school/district getting a kick back for these?

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