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259Re: [cowlesmontessori] Looking for help...... need babysitters!

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  • chesleya@ymail.com
    Mar 24, 2011
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      Hello! I just want to let you know if you're comfortable with a young 1st time sitter my daughter Cheyanne would love to have the opportunity to gain more experience. Cheyanne is currently a 12yr old student in Mr. Eghermans 6th grade class. She has done some babysitting for family over the last year, which included kids as young as 2 1/2years old who were potty trained. She has also been a "mothers helper" (babysat while mom was still also @ the house) for infants as young as 6months! Her 1st duty as a "mothers helper" was to learn how to change a baby's diaper both wet&soiled! However from the beginning, Cheyanne has always been a very hands on sister to her younger brother! She currently babysits (alone 2-4hrs @ a time on a weekly basis) for her brother who just turned 7yrs old & her 7 1/2year old cousin and has been doing so for about 2years now! Cheyanne has also been around and helped with many children of all ages for a very long time as I ran a home daycare bussiness for 9years up until about 3years ago. As a parent and being a former daycare provider I would feel very comfortable with her babysitting 2 kids under 3 for a few hours @ a time during the day & early evening hours! However I would say she would need to refresh her diaper changing abilities! ;) Though, I would probably only feel comfortable with her babysitting the younger child for a few hours @ a time, during non meal times (such as for conferences, grocery shopping, or errand running), until she completes an infant/child CPR class & becomes certified! Until that point I would not want her babysitting during meal times or more then a few hours @ a time. She has actually been asking to take CPR as well as the babysitting class offered @ the hospital for the last few years! So if you're interested I would sign her up for the classes right away! I haven't signed her up yet mainly because as much as she has desired to babysit, she hasn't had the opportunity a whole lot other then for the boys and w/both of them being older it hasn't concerned me as much. I figured, I would sign her up, after she found someone who wanted her to babysit. She has ran into the problem of getting a family who wants to give her babysitting services a try! In spite of her being a younger sitter who has less (minimal) experience in the baby department! Though Cheyanne is very eager to learn more about caring 4 an infant/toddler! She also works very well w/the younger preschool & toddlers!!

      Please feel free to contact me or my daughter Cheyanne with further questions.

      Amanda Chesley
      H~ (515)279-0044

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      Subject: [cowlesmontessori] Looking for help...... need babysitters!



      My name is Beth Sheldon and I am a Cowles parent. My daughter Madelyn started this year in Mrs. Wright's preschool. My husband and I are in desperate need to establish a relationship with some babysitters. We don't have any family in town and when events occur such as Parent-Teacher conferences one of us has to miss out and stay home with the kids.

      So I thought about reaching out to the other Cowles parents in hopes that someone might have some resources we could utilize.

      We have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and an 11 month old son, and we live in Urbandale. This would just be for the occasional night out, event or appointment.

      Thank you in advance for your assistance,
      Beth Sheldon

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