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251COWLES FOOD DRIVE- for people and pets!-- EXTENDED THRU 2/26

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  • suzannepopson
    Feb 18, 2011

      NEWS FLASH- due to soft response, we are extending our FOOD DRIVE at Cowles Montessori thru 2/26.   This is a great way to support those in need in our community, and even a can of veggies or dog/cat food can make a difference!  Thanks in advance for your support of this great cause!

      The Cowles community will be collecting both people and pet food for our local food pantry.  We will be collecting the week of February 14-26th

      We are working with DMARC and Pet Project Midwest to help people and their pets in the Des Moines area.  This is a great opportunity for us to give back to those in need!

       At this time of year the food pantry is very low and with the cold weather many need the food that is supplied. 

      An individual or family can receive a 5 day supply of food once per month at one of the distribution sites. 

      Several of the most needed things at this time of year areĀ…. Peanut butter, diapers, canned meat and juice.

      Please donate non-perishable food items in unbreakable containers. Please, no glass!


      Did you know that shelters are busting at the seams with pets who are taken to shelters because their families can no longer afford to buy food for them?

      A loved pet should never lose his or her home just because money is tight. This program provides pet food and supplies to families experiencing

      financial difficulties, military deployment, or owner hospitalization,  thereby reducing the number of animals surrendered to shelters.  They accept any dog or catfoods (canned or dry). 


      Please check the expiration date before donating. 


      There will be barrels in front of the office for students to place donated items.  Thanks for helping Stop hunger!