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235Wow, thank you Colleen!

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  • Louisa @ The Stork Wearhouse
    Sep 25, 2010
      So I was reading in the paper about the Cowles "healthiest school in Iowa award" and noted a little sentence toward the end of the article - the application was submitted by Colleen Kinney, a Cowles parent. 
      Then I'm reading the CMPG minutes, and it mentions that Cowles has received a Farm to School grant of $4,000.  The application for the grant was submitted by Colleen Kinney. 
      And of course, a few of the events that helped Cowles get the healthiest school award, the Healthy Harvest at Halloween, and the healthy teeth event on Valentine's Day, were organized by Colleen.
      I just wanted to let you know publicly, Colleen, that your efforts on behalf of Cowles are not going unnoticed!!!  Thank you for all your work. 
      Louisa Dykstra