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212off-topic: homes near Cowles

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  • laura belin
    Mar 26, 2010
      Hi all,

      In case any Cowles parents out there are interested in moving closer to the school, a couple of houses on my street (Plaza Circle in Windsor Heights) will be available soon. Both are about a mile from the school. One is a rental on the corner of Windsor Heights and College Drive. The owner may be interested in selling to the renter after a year or so. It's a large ranch-style house--three bedrooms, dining room etc on main level and full basement with rec room. Everything has been redone recently, including wooden floors.

      My next-door neighbors are planning to move at the end of the summer and plan to put their house on the market in June. Their house is an unusual modern architecture style at the very top of Plaza Circle. It's at least 3,000 feet with four bedrooms upstairs and an office plus extra living room in the basement. I have no idea what they will be asking for it.

      Just wanted to give people a heads up. If anyone wants to get in touch with either of the owners, please e-mail me off-list or call 276-6971.