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171Soccer and Cheer Video from February 14, 2009

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  • herbnhome
    Feb 17, 2009

      Hi Parents!

      I wanted to share with you some video I took of the Cowles Cougar's game on the 14th - I also took video of the dance/cheer squad. The video is short - I only took a portion of the game for each division (the two teams that played at 7:30am and at 9:00am ) but if your child was there they probably appear in the video at least breifly :) These are private links which means nobody can see them or search for them unless they have the exact web address. If you want to share with relatives they will need to cut and paste the entire address below:

      Cowles Cougars Soccer


      Cowles CATS (Cheer/Dance) - First Performance of Two Dances


      Enjoy :)

      Blessings & Health,