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167CMPG Meeting Minutes

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  • Lori Emison Clair
    Jan 8, 2009
      CMPG Meeting - 6:00 pm, January 5, 2009
      Meeting Minutes


      Jessica Bottenfield-Biehn
      Lori Emison Clair
      Lora Fraracci
      Jennifer Gelner
      Susan Gunninck
      Shari Hrdina
      Jeri Kemple
      Sandee Lyons
      Kristen Mahoney
      Amy Moore
      Carla Ruble
      Kathy Schneider
      Amy Sheeler

      Call to order
      Kathy Schneider, CMPG President, called the meeting to order at 6:07 p.m.

      Administrator's Report

      • Amy is proud to report that the Cowles Lego League Teams did an
      amazing job at their recent competition. One team is going to State
      Finals and received an award for being a Rising Star.
      • December 8th Dr. Sebring impressed everyone with her presentation
      confirming that Cowles is now on the districts map. All the feedback
      Amy received was positive about Dr. Sebring visit.
      • The Cowles students will be working with an Artist in Residence,
      Barb Vaske, through the Connecting Kids and Culture funding. Each
      child will contribute to a mural to be placed in the front entrance to
      the school. The Mural will have a Mexican theme.
      • Cowles students will have a wide selection of after school
      programming to consider this winter. Groups planned include, Scrap
      booking, Drama, Math, Sign Language, Sewing, and more. Watch for a
      school e-mail with additional information and ways to sign up.
      • Amy has completed a trial run on a phone messaging system that she
      hopes to use as an additional tool to connect with families. She
      hopes to use the system to alert families of school closures, and for
      reminders for school wide events.
      • Cowles participated in the Younkers Community days' fundraiser
      November 15th. Amy received an additional check fro $268 from this
      • January 13th Parent Education meetings will be on "Following the
      child". Childcare will be available.

      Treasurer's Report Carla Ruble provided an updated balance sheet:

      CMPG Unallocated 5,064.70
      CMPG Expenses 566.80
      Auction-2008 3958.08
      Mid school clinics 50.00
      School Supplies 4,738.44
      Yearbook Fund 0.00
      Social Committee 0.00
      Professional Development 1,022.82
      Pennies for Peace 0
      Totals 15,400.84

      Funding requests were received and approved for the following item:

      Lora Fraracci requested $150 for the Social Committee's Valentines Day
      Party. The date was tentatively set for Friday February 13th.

      Amy Moore requested $1500 for school field trips. She will also
      contribute $600 from the schools general fund. Each of the three
      teams will receive $700.

      Amy Moore requested $500 to replace missing pieces in the classrooms.

      Amy More requested $6,000 for new materials

      Jennifer Gelner requested $200 for Ecology Day.

      All requests were approved by vote.

      Kathy Schneider reported that at the February CMPG meeting we will be
      forming a nominating committee.

      Our next CMPG meeting will be held on Monday, February 2nd at 6 pm.

      The meeting was adjourned at 6:50 pm.
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