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165filmmaker wants to talk with Iowans about water

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  • laura belin
    Dec 5, 2008
      Hello all,

      Sorry for the short notice, but a documentary filmmaker got in touch with me yesterday. (He was involved with Bowling for Columbine, among other films you've probably heard of.) He is going to be in Des Moines on Saturday, December 6, and would like to talk with people whose families have been affected by water quality in Iowa.

      This could be someone who has a child or other relative with a health problem, someone who has suffered ill effects from well water, someone who used to enjoy swimming, boating, or canoeing but doesn't do it anymore because of the dirty water, or even someone who can talk about the unpleasant odor and taste of Des Moines tap water when they have to dump extra chlorine in it.

      I do not know whether he will have a camera with him tomorrow. This is just a preliminary visit to Iowa for a film that's early in production.

      If you would like to help him with this project, please call me at 276-6971. Feel free to pass along this information to others you know who might be interested.